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Alyssa (margaritass) wrote,
@ 2003-11-08 17:46:00
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    Current mood: indescribable
    Current music:The blue channel - Taking Back Sunday

    wasting time ...
    Five details about you...
    [x] I love my friends.
    [x] Sometimes i'm a pushover.
    [x] I always have to get what i want.
    [x] I'm scared of being hurt again.
    [x] I need a guy in my life to be happy.

    Five details about your appearance right now...
    [x] My hair's straight.
    [x] I'm shivering bc im freezing !
    [x] I'm kinda tan from yesterday.
    [x] Jeans and an off the shoulder sweatshirt/shirt.
    [x] Pink Nailpolish.

    Five things you did today
    [x] Got breakfast w. Carrie
    [x] Went to Karissa's
    [x] Drove around for a while.
    [x] Went to the beach.
    [x] went to toys 'r' us lol

    Five memorable things you did in the last year...
    [x] Went out w. Kyle.
    [x] Met Karissa and Carrie.
    [x] Went out w. Andrew
    [x] Went on a cruise.
    [x] Ended a friendship w. Kelli.

    Five favorite movies...
    [x] Fools Rush In.
    [x] Just Married.
    [x] The Sweetest Thing.
    [x] How to lose a guy in ten days.
    [x] Finding Nemo.

    Five things that make you happy...
    [x] Shopping
    [x] Laughing
    [x] Money
    [x] My friends/ Family
    [x] Having a boyfriend

    Five things that impress you...
    [x] People who are born rich.
    [x] People that deal with racism everyday.
    [x] Planned Parenthood.
    [x] People who don't need to have relationships.
    [x] Plastic surgery

    Five things you'll do when you complete this...
    [x] Make dinner w. karissa and carrie.
    [x] go to the party possibly
    [x] laugh till my stomach hurts w. the girls.
    [x] Maybe hear from Andrew.
    [x] maybe change cloths again.

    Five things you feel right now...
    [x] Depressed Kyle still is missing.
    [x] Loved. Andrew wrote me a poem thing and left it as a voicemail.
    [x] Hungry, last time i ate was like 10 this morn
    [x] Upset ... of course links back to Kyle.
    [x] Cold

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