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Alyssa (margaritass) wrote,
@ 2003-11-04 14:43:00
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    Current mood: depressed
    Current music:Mariah Carey Now that i know

    Things just keep getting better and better lemme tell you ... =/
    yeaa well this week is going awesome so far! i have ISS friday .... and the kyle shit ... when i wrote last i didnt get to speak to his mom yet but i found out alot of information...1st his AUNT calls me i've never talked to her before and i guess since i've never talked to his dad he didnt want to call me or something so anyway she said that her brother ( kyles dad ) didnt really know whats going out and shit and kyles mom called him and told him little information and then hung up on him and everyone thinks i have something to do with this or i know where kyle is or im hidding him and i have no idea where he is i havnt talked to him for 2 weeks so i kinda found out why he ran away u kno how he had to bring an escort with him when i saw him well the escort told his counslers that me and kyle had sex and he got in trouble and i guess he wasnt allowed to come home this weekend and he got mad and started getting into trouble and then i guess got fed up and ran away. but his aunt told me that if he is here or if i talk to him tell him that his aunt and dad will pick him up and bring him wherever he wants to go if he wants to come here or something and his mom just has to know hes ok some shit like that she was really nice and she was saying that kyles dad and she agrees with him that they think hes been in there way too long and their driving him over the edge if he feels like he needs to run away which i agree with now that they put it in that point of view im less angry with him, so she gave me all these numbers in case i talk to kyle ... his dads cell and house her cell and house etc ... but i have a feeling she still thinks i talk to him and i kno whats going on. but greeeat his whole family knows we have sex thats awesome right i've never met his dad before and he already knoz we have sex. ok so then his mom calls me and she seems all upset and shes telling me all this shit like o if u talk to him tell him this and if u talk to him tell him that so she def thinks hes like with me or something and she kept saying i cant believe he hasnt contacted you and im getting kinda scared now bc hes been gone since sunday at 2 i found out and he hasnt contacted me thats really fucked up and i kno he's gonna come here and i kno i'd be the first he'd call he always told me that if he ever ran away he'd come here. so im just waiting for him to be sitting on my roof when i come home one day im so scared .. his mom also told me that he ran away with a kid named Alberto and some other kid and theres a warrant out for their arrest !and the state troopers are looking for them ! ! i kno that kid alberto persuaded him to do it because kyle mentioned him to me when i saw him and he said him and alberto were thinking of leaving or w.e but i was like kyle please dont and i really didnt think he would do it. so them i get off the phone with his mom and my mom was standing at the door so i was being kinda weird on the phone w. kyles mom so now i think she really thinks i have something to do w. it and then she calls me back and she asks for robs numbers and i give them to her and she sounded so upset i feel so bad for her and i feel so bad kyle is putting her through this shit so then i got to the tanning salon and i come back and i read a little them go to bed and my phone rings and i jump bc im expecting a call from him but its not its his brother and i was half asleep so i dont even remember what he was telling me but prob the same stuff as kyles mom they were saying if i talk to him have him call them or me call them just to let em kno hes ok and everything they dont understand i have nothing to do with this !!! i havnt talked to him for 2 weeks !!! idk whats going on i found out after they found out that he ran away i dont kno what to do or think i love him so much and i want us to work out but right now i find it impossible i dont kno where he is ! this is horrible ! i dont think any other girl is crazy enough to deal with this shit ! o and daytop thinks hes with me too ! so yea im the bad guy here ! i cant wait till i hear from him though i need to kno whats going on and what hes thinking and where he is. im crying again, why do i love this kid so much ! hes hurting me so badly right now

    " when it works out love is pretty amazing it's not overrated theres a reason for all those songs" <33

    i love him so much

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