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Alyssa (margaritass) wrote,
@ 2003-11-01 18:58:00
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    Current mood: disappointed
    Current music:Cant Help Falling In Love w. you - Elvis

    Halloween nd what not
    usually i wake up at 6:30 but fri i got up around 6:50 and karissa and carrie came over at like 7:10 they went through my closet looking for shoes and we left around 7:25 thats the time homeroom starts i was still in my pajamas and we went back to karissaz and made breakfast and sat around telling true ghost stories and watching tv and then around 8 30 i went in the shower at her house while they ironed their hair and then when i got out we all got dressed me and carrie realized we didnt like what we were wearing at all so i finished gettin ready and we got in the jeep at like 9 and went to the mall not knowin the mall opens at 9:30 lol well the mall was open just not the stores ... so we just walked around and then forever 21 opened and we spent an hour in that store and eventually after karissa practically dragging me out of the store i picked a couple of thingz and we left ... soo we get to school at 11:15 when we were suppose to be there at 10:30 according to Karissaz mom i was suppose to be there a lil after homeroom ... so me and carrie just had to erase messages when we got home at 2:30 my mom works every day except fri but she usually goes to the gym and then shops all day nd comes home @ 3 sooOO we got in 6th per which is lunch for me nd then 7th was latin nd greek we had a test and 8th i had gym so i skipped it and then 9th was bio so i had a really easy day but when we got to my house i looked at the answer machine and it wasnt blinking so i was like shiit ! and i listened to the messages and the only one there about me was like alyssa tried signing in at 11:15 just letting u kno if u have ne questions call us so i was like shit they talked to my mom already or something and then she heard that message but i wasnt sure and then i saw an ulta bag of course my momz a fuckin shopahalic nd the receipt said yesterdays date and 1:30 so she stopped home heard the message and left again so i was like lets go so me karissa and carrie leave again we were gonna get food nd then trick or treat nd as we were leaving we passed my mom and i waved lol nd then she called me freaking out about where i was and who did i think i was comin into school 11:30 and i try to make my own rules and all this bullshit and then shes like come home and im like no! and shes like pick to be grounded today or 2mor nd i was like its Halloween im going out nd shes like fiine ur not goin out 2mor then and im freaking out bc even tho i havnt spoken to Kyle in 2 weeks i still had some hope he'd come home today like he was suppose to and i called him yesterday nd the counsler gave me an attitude and was like no u cant speak to him would you like to speak to a counsler and i was like no thanx so i have a feeling he got in trouble which im gonna flip on him for bc wtf he had 2 weeks to go he didnt have to get in trouble ! fuckin asshole bc he hasnt called me and he has his phone privledges and he didnt come home today ? so idk i was starting to have faith in him changing and i had faith in us and now i dont kno what to think ... but ne way we really didnt do ne thing last night it fucking sucked we went to a party for like a half an hour and her car got egged lol but we spent most of the night driving around which sucked and then we got greek salad and i would have slept there if my mom wasnt an ass im really confused right now nd i need a guy in my life and i dont know what to do ... i need a boyfriend a really really good boyfriend that lasts a while and i chill w. alot and lives close by or has a car i need some1 that respects me and doesnt do alot of drugs but likes to have fun uHh i need too much to be happy.

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