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marc (marcn) wrote,
@ 2006-01-21 16:53:00
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    Bring Services back to the Help Viewer
    System Services, a feature brought over from the NeXT days, are one of those lesser know qualities of Mac OS X that can really add a lot to the system, and your work flow. Unfortunately Services support can sometimes be a little spotty, with the main issue being that many Carbon apps do not offer, or support other System Services.

    Worse, though, is when Apple doesn’t not properly support their own OS features in their applications, or even the system itself, like say the Help Viewer -- to blunder forth with the obvious pun, this rather unhelpful application does not show the Services menu item in its Application Menu.

    There are times when it would be useful to be able to use the System Services on text contained within the Help system. e.g.
    • to grab a selection to save as a reminder;
    • to email to someone;
    • to add an address to your Address Book;
    • to add text to a document you’re creating;
    • to run AppleScript examples;
    • to search on a word/phrase etc.
    The only way that I’ve been able to run System Services has been via the ICeCoffEE Application Enhancer which allows you to add the Services menu to the Contextual Menu.

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