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MaorianAngel (maorianangel) wrote,
@ 2011-07-08 21:37:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:Salem

    Not Long Past, Your Past
    I met with Severin today. Why do I always feel like that "in-awe 14 year old girl" still when I'm around him? I felt amazing when I left there. I think the term once again is validation. We all came from such simple humble places and by some vortex or strange dynamic we have ebbed and flowed out of each others lives on a constant, each time returning to the "we're getting the band back together" mode with more to bring to the table. I smile when I think of all of us back then, like some bad episode of That 70's Show. We all are older, fatter, wiser, richer but we all think we are still those reckless teenagers who are invincible.

    In other news, my "real" job is spiriling into the abyss. I'm positive CYM is done on 9/1. I'd be ok with that if I wasn't so nervous about FFM's ability to stay afloat. Moneywise, things are majorly improved. The staff although seem to have made it their personal mission to fuck as much shit up as possible so the State has every reason to shut us down. Oh, and did I mention Keenan is completely checked out?

    Tomorrow is a big day for CaraMia's Night. I'm nervous as hell about it, but you have to put yourself out there if you ever want anything wonderful to happen.

    I am working on getting my WWII kit together. I'm going to do a Red Cross impression. I am struggling with those orginal patterns from the 40's. It's like reading another language. Actually, I can read another language easier then I can those patterns. I found a few dresses on etsy I may order to get by until I can produce something of my own.

    Electric Forest. I could cry when I talk about it. That's how emotional it was. Jesus wept I'm sure. Sounds like they are doing it again next year. Response was outstanding. I am so buying an RV. For real. Yes. An RV.

    VooDoo sponsered a whole day of music at the Showboat, we did Sick Puppies, our good freinds Pop Evil, Finding Clyde and someone else...I forget. lol We got serious VIP for that show so all of VooDoo is going including the wives and the girlfriends. Should make for an interesting night. I love my husband and I'm proud of him. He's the Goddamn reason we're in VIP. LMAO

    So what I learned from all of this is, the word ok is a little man.

    Hearse On, Rave Up

    Trinka Five
    Trinka Five
    Trinka Five

    8 8 8

    Thank you for your many blessings SH, BV, SJ, SA and Baron. Bless and keep us.

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