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Amanda (mannernanners) wrote,
@ 2003-09-21 14:58:00
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    Current mood: cranky
    Current music:Above all (stuck in my head from chizurch)

    HmmHmmHmmm tired!
    Well today so far is GAY... gay gay gay gay GAY!.... lol only cause my nephue woke me up at 8.. then my mom repeately was tryng to wake me up many different times between 9 -10 .... Why because of ChUrCh... getting up early is just not my thing! I will tell u that right now... I am not an early person..... What I love most besides fooooood and ma best friends is SLEEP! yeheyh! Well.... church was okay... it wasnt all that GODley today.... maybe the pastor was sick?? =/ aw well
    After that we went with m moms friend from are church Fleica and 2 of her grand kids Dakota and Wiat and I will tell you, they are so hard to be in a car with... after church we went to meighers and then Tim Hortons (YUM!) =) BUT.... You know how sometimes u get carsick? well thats teh feeling mixed with kids talking to u every 5 seconds nonstop and having you look out the wondo at THERE car... geeze they shure have alot! ;) Lol But I love them.... Not when I'm sick tho n feeling dizzy n cranky n cramps.... CRAMPS SUCK! man i hate P.M.S! IT SUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS! Man I wish I was a guy! lol
    I dont know what im even about to go today =/ Probaly clean and homewokr... ugh I'm gonna have alot of homework to get caught up on for missing 3 dern days of school! I DONT WANNA GO BACK! =(
    School sucks
    Guys suck
    Getting up early sucks
    Cleaning cat litter sucks (which my mom is telling me to do which i refuse lol)
    and a buntch of other things
    well lol I think im gonna go take a nappy nap! so holllleeer at me if anyone wants to hang out tonight! k?k!
    Stepher ill call u back... Alex said u called lol ; )
    Much Love

    Where is my prince charming? Where is my cuddle bug? Where is my F'yn boo? Where is my BOYFRIEND? lol man this SUCKS too! lol

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