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Mango (mangolicious007) wrote,
@ 2003-07-07 21:17:00
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    Current mood: exhausted
    Current music:Gretchen...I just discovered them today!

    Finally updating...
    Ok so it's been like 3 weeks since I've updated and a lot has happened...

    My family finally had our summer vacation to the beach...yeah it was fun, but i think after about 5 days we were all getting on each other's nerves. But anyway, I got to hang out with Maria a bit which rocked because I haven't seen her since like December. Seth and I hit Ocean Blvd. at night and happened upon this wonderful video game...DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION!!! Hahaha, it is such a fun game...between me, Seth, and his friend, we probably spent $50 in that game! (and we found out that playstation makes the game, so seth is going to buy it and the hard floor pad!!!) So we got to go to Medieval Times, which is kinda corny but fun at the same time. Let's see, what else did we do... got to watch Maria get her first body piercing (belly button)...and...umm...i went out on the beach and still didn't get a tan (there's no hope for me...I will forever be a white girl)...and...hmm...what else...oh yeah! We went to Barefoot Landings and I got to see the spray paint guy. Man I could have sat and watched him for hours...wait, I did! I bought one of his paintings and now it's up in my room. That's about all we did at the beach.

    Well I got to go visit the Mundo girls again...always fun times! But I'm not real sure if the admin staff likes me or not...they're always a bit on the rude side everytime I visit. But anyway, we all got to go see The Benjamin Gate at Cafe Jam...ROCKIN!!! It was so good to see Adie and the guys again...I hadn't seen them in like 3 or 4 months. Got to hang with Adie a bit after the show and I bought the banner that they have hanging up behind the merch table and Adie gave me two of her backstage passes, one from their very first show in the USA and one from FCD 2002. YAY!!! Fun stuff!

    Let's see...umm...I went home for the fourth, we all went to the lake and had a cookout and did fireworks...haha, funny story, I was taking some fireworks out on our dock to light and so I squatted down to light it and the bondage strap on my pants got hooked around my leg. So i lit the firework and turned to run off the dock only to fall straight back on my butt! So I'm like struggling to unhook myself while there's fireworks about to go off like 4 feet from me and finally the strap broke and I ran away safely...we all laughed about it afterwards, but my pants will never be the same.

    Sunday, I drove up to G-boro to eat dinner with Mel cuz it was her birthday...her 21st birthday, wink, wink, nudge, nudge. She had just come back from the beach...her and Jess, and Leslie went, I would have gone but Mom wanted me to stay home and go to the lake. So anyway, we went to Outback and she was so excited to be able to legally buy a drink so she got a Wallabee Darned...pretty tasty I must say. So after dinner I drove to Boone and man I was pooped when I got home.

    So I've been thinking about graduate school...I'm not really ready for the "real world" yet, so I might as well. I've stumbled upon UNCG as the closest with my program...what to do, what to do...something to think the mean time I'm out!

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