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amanda nicole (mandyyybaby) wrote,
@ 2005-07-17 10:37:00
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    Current mood: distressed
    Current music:warmth of the sand- dashboard confessional

    & hours alone above us of the sins we own
    back to reality & back to life, damnit ;] carolynn & i got back from top sail island yesterday. i was ready to come home & sleep in my own bed but i didn`t want to come back to all the daily shit. back to BOTH jobs, running, getting things together for college in the fall...

    the beach was so much fun though. we learned how to surf, which was amazing. it`s so hard to even stand up, but we finally got it after a little while. i always thought that the little billabong & roxy shirts that surfers wear were for cuteness reasons, but we found out differently. my stomach was so red from rubbing on the board so much. & i`ve never inhaled or drank so much salt water in my life, but it was stilll fun. at least i can now say that i kinda know how to surf!

    me, carolynn & leah got henna tatoos on our lower backs. they`re frikkin sexy if you ask me. it`s starting to fade a little bit though already, but oh well. i`m getting a little sick of the design anyway; that`s why i could never get a real tattoo. most of the time at the beach was just spent chillin in the ocean &/or in the sand. it was so relaxing. we got come crazy pictures though :]

    i`m out; off to work ♥

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