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Amanda (mandakins) wrote,
@ 2003-09-13 21:45:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:none

    A new hero for amanda
    jon is officially my hero.

    darkwonder98: alright...this was in the summer after 7th grade right before 8th and i was going on my first outdoor climbing trip. And the first climb i was gonna do was Centinal tower, A 180ft climb. 4 people have died climbing it for various reasons, mainly cause they forgot to do somthing or didnt tie knots right or things like that. It was a 5:8 climb and at the time i was climbing 5:9 (the 5:8 and 5:9 thingy is like how hard a climb goes from 5:1 which would be like a ladder all the way up to 5:15 which is the highest ever recorded and is the hardest climb in the world, right now i climb at about 5:11) anyways, it was pretty tough but i made it to the top...I spent about 15 min on the summit of the tower which is like 5ft by 8ft and once two more guys made it up it was time for me to head down the tower. the way you go down a climb outdoors is by repelling, if you've ever seen army movies where guys have to get out of the hellicoptors by usign the ropes thats what repelling is...I had never repelled before in my life and the only guy there who had was hispanic and spoke broken english. all he was able to tell me was "hold on tight and dont let go no matter what". I'd seen peopel repell before so i wasnt really woried, so i learned back held on with my right hand for the break and slightly loosened it to start my decent. I started going down and it was so much fun all seemed well, what i didnt know is that you had to keep on moving your feet. i went down about 10 ft when all of a sudden i got fliped upside-down. not puting on the break fast enough my rope got tangeled in my repelling device. I started to panic because all the blood was going to my head and i didnt know what to do. i started fidling with the mess i made with the rope and couldnt untangle it. forgeting the one thing i was told about repelling i let go of my break hand to help untangle the rope. the instant i fixed the rope i immeaditly started to free fall, still upside-down... It happened so fast i barley had time to react but i knew i was gonna die and there was nothing i could do about it. I fell for about 60 or 70ft and the moment i realized that i was gonna die in the next second the rope got tangled and there was a huge whiplash...It had happened so i could barley tell what was going on and was so confused. after like 2 seconds i realized i was just barley hanging on so I grabed hold of the wall and fliped myself over. my repelling device was so tangled up there was no way i could fix it with one hand on the wall. so i had to unclip from the wall and freeclimb (climbing without a rope) up 80ft and then pull up the rope and try repelling down again...i didnt wanna down climb because thats very difficult to do verus going up and it was a hundred feet down but eighty feet up

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