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Amanda (mandakins) wrote,
@ 2003-09-23 17:08:00
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    Current mood: annoyed
    Current music:Nirvana

    Back to the years, and all those tears...........
    Hm, today was, well another day. I went to school, i barely had slept, and i was dead. I fell asleep on the bus, then advisory was somewhat interesting. Hector and severance got into a fight... again. it was interesting. Im failing math, nothing new. I bombed the last test, BIG TIME. And it sucks, but i know that im trying as hard as i can, i just dont get math. Im perfectly fine in all my other classes, just math i have a problem in. Damn it to hell. Well.... school was boring, and I had a horribly bad day again. Nothing new. I had peer coaching after school. Kara and Carrington joined. Im so excited! I just met kara.. i think her last name is stevensen or soemthing. Shes great. But anyway, peer coaghing was fun. Then i came home, where im at now. And i have a load of homework today. Matt told me he was in love with me last night, and i told ryan to back off. Then he told me something thats GREAT. Real great, i gues. Maybe not so much. But i wont know until.... then. Yeah, im gonna go now. BYE bye.. i heading off on my journey..........

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