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Amanda (mandakins) wrote,
@ 2003-09-20 22:59:00
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    this was written around 11 oclock in this morning. so dont pay attention to the time
    Dadadadadada! Whats UP YA'LL? Im so damn bored! Today is going to be fantastical! *the pigs at my bush* Yes, im very random today, so dont be SCURRED (mwaha) when i go randomish, cuz i'll do it alot! Yesterday was G-R-A-N-D!!! I had schooooooooooool, wich is neverrr fun. But what sha'll i do? I HAVE to go to school dont i? Yes, i do. But anyway, i got home from school FRIDAY WOOHOO right? Wrong. My parents wanted ME to go to my grandparents with them cuz they are helping them move. So i went along for the ride, just for the hell of it. HA i wasnt going to help, i was going to walk around aimlessly in the neighborhood looking for longlost friends. *cows in the meadow, beaks in the pond** So, i walked around and i found one of my old friends from two summers ago. We hung out, it was fantabulistic. Honestly, it was. But thats never the point. The POINT is that i had fun. But whatever. I walked back to my granny and grampys home to find out the my uncle mike has a huge as splinter lunged into his hand so deap. Him and my gramps went to the hospiTAL. And the rest continued to pack. it was ten o clock when we left. ANd me, was hungry. So me and my rents went to LONESTAR and i was half asleep the whole time. But the food was peachy. Then we walked to the car, man it was FREEEEZING, and then we drove an hour and half home. it was eleven thirty by the time we got home, i ddnt say anything, i went upstairs and didnt talkt o anyone. I just went upstairs to sleep. Then i woke up this morning at 11. ANd today im sposed to go to the mall with tayber (blackheart1440) and then later im going to key wester with julie and stina and i think someone else.. and i have to dress up. and all were buying is 850 DOLALR SALADS! mwahahah cheep asses we are! tomorrow is church all day..... yay. Im going to go

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