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Julieta (mami_julieta) wrote,
@ 2003-11-18 09:33:00
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    Jamaican Me CRAZY CRUNKED
    Woah woah woah!
    Like, its been forvever since ive updated.
    that DOESNT mean I havent been chillen- oh Lord have mercy no... I just had a few minutes before Chemistry and realized that I should probably update the journal of chillen.
    Anyways, so last Thursday was a treat. I had, like always, promised myself I wouldnt go out. But Ceisil called me around 9:30 and told me there were two kegs at the farm and i COULDN'T resist. PLUS my girl Janelle REALLY wanted some action, AND Hilary's bf Josue came up to surprise her AND Maurice was up here too, so, it was obviously a good time to go out.
    So we all hopped in Josue's new BMW and went to the farm. We danced, got some cups to get drunk with, and got trashed. Laura, Hilary, Josue, Anglea and Maurice left early but Janelle and I were still getting crunked until like 2am...
    SO crunked in fact that Janelle proceeded to make out with 1. Jaren, 2. Tipton (like some 5th year senior who is like 23 and was the tequilla man at the foam party), and 3. Mike. Oh! that girl was on FIRE. Ceisil and I had made it a joint mission to help get Janelle som booty. And she did.
    So, Janelle and I walked back to the house, ate some food and passed out at like 3am. TOO BAD I had to wake up 3 hours later at 6:30 am to go to Dixon Rec. center to coreograph step aerobics! It was painful, and they knew I was still drunk. In fact, I do believe I was drunk all day. And all night. Well, Ill talk about my magical weekend later. But for now, Lets tally it up:

    Drink of choice: 2 KEGS OF PABST! (and some of Andrews Malibu)
    PoLICE encounters: 0
    Lesbian Encounters: 0 except when Janelle made me feel her up, because her boobs were swaty from grindin'
    Overall drunkedness: 7
    Hangover factor?: a BIG 10!

    peace out y'all
    Love, Juliet

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