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Bella Mambo (mamboflirtini) wrote,
@ 2004-06-20 01:59:00
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    Current mood: confused
    Current music:Breaking the Habit// Linkin Park

    I wanna rush to the start...
    ~*i don't want to be the one the battles always choose...b/c inside i realize that i'm the one confused....i don't know whats worth fighting for or why i have to scream...i don't know why i instigate and say what i don't mean...i don't know why i got this way...i'll never be i'm breaking the habit tonight...i'll paint it on the walls cuz i'm the one at fault...i'll never fight again...and this is how it ends......*~

    Well Hey there...I haven't updated this shit in a long new? ......Well its summer in the Raleigh Nc and i have finished another semester from didn't end well...however the most important thing is it ended and i survived....barely. I went through another guy and realized that i have a bad habit of finding all the wrong ones. I end up being three steps behind trying to keep up and stick w/ just gettin to know the person when they are ready to tie me down and marry me. why would they wanna do a stupid thing like that? i mean c'mon for real....however, yet again it is no surprise that i have met another one.
    ~I want to hold on this time....
    for some reason this time i fell safe....for some reason this time i feel comfortable.... i don't feel rushed...and i am just going w/ the flow....Is it because now i am jaded to the extent where emotions don't phase me? i feel? ....I i holding back this time? yes....
    Life is a crazy thing minute you have things figured out and you think you are stable....then one morning you wake up and realize that you have been going about things almost all realize that it wasn't your fault were just trying to keep were trying to stay were trying just to find somethin to hold on to....something true...something real.....but you were alas again as i said before going about it all wrong....what is the right way though?
    all you have to show is memories....memories of the times that mattered to you...@ the remember the ones that mattered.....or the ones that maybe stung a little bit more than the one before or the one after....
    I don't know whether my ramblings make any sense....
    & i'm not saying my life is taking a wrong turn right now...or i am making a wrong decision....
    i think i am where i'm suppose to be....

    We want more than this worlds got to offer If only for today i'm unafraid If i could find you now things would get better &youkissedmelikeyoumeantit Everytime Everyday is a new day You start to wonder if you're ever gonna make it by, you start to think you were born blind.....

    :: ::: I've been here b*fore a few times and i'm quite aware we're dying...& your Hands they SHaKe the GooDByEs....So h*re i am i'm trying....S0 here i am are you ready? C*mon LEt me HoLd you TouCh you....Kiss You alWaYs....:: :::

    This awkward silence makes me CaHrazy...
    Pick me up now i need you so bad...
    downdowndowndowndowndowndowndowngetsmesodowndowndowndowndowndowndown...makes me so
    your vows of silence falls all over....
    the look in your eyes makes me crazy =)~
    i'll take you over if you let me....

    I got no regret right now....I'M FEELIN THIS....the air is so cold and fell short this time...your smile fades in the your hand in mine ....i'll leave when i wanna....;)

    You have a free soul! As all the souls go, yours is
    the most free-spirited and adventurous. You
    like camping, hiking, or interaction with other
    people. Your a social butterfly, but not
    because of your style, but because of your
    willingness to communicate with everyone. You
    probably have close friends who can rely on you
    because you always seem to know whats going on
    in the world. You love music and are
    free-spirited and someone fun to be around. A
    born leader and great explorer-dont ever
    change-the world needs more people like you.

    What Kind of SOUL do you posses? (For Girls only) Incredible Anime Pictures!
    brought to you by Quizilla

    :: ::: Don't*Let*Me*Let*You*Go:: :::

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