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Rachel (mamax2) wrote,
@ 2006-02-28 21:37:00
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    Squeeling, screaming, and ma-ma-ma-ma
    So, I quit my job. I am going absolutely crazy here!!! Not that I don't enjoy every minute that I'm able to spend with my daughter, I just think that adults need some social time with people who dont squeel, and scream, and say ma ma ma ma ma over and over again. Its exhausting. I came down with Mono...and some other crap, so John made me quit so I could take care of the girls and get some rest, but I think John has Mono now too and I don't know which is worse-- me working, cleaning, doing laundry, playing mommy and wife or never seeing my husband because hes having to pick up the slack from my unemployment and when hes not doing that, hes too tired to do much else. Which leaves me with Hannah, and the house 24 hours a day, which is exhausting in itself. I wish I could sleep. I would sleep all day if I could. And it wouldnt have to be every day, just one day. Ahhh, and you know whats ironic, I say that when the kids leave home, I'm going to sleep till noon...but that wont even be relevent when theyre gone because my life is going to be molded around them and my schedule is still going to be getting up at 7:30...only then, I'm going to be bored because nobody is going to need me. How depressing. ANYways, Emme is going to be here in like 9 and a half weeks! Well, given that the Doc doesnt want to induce, but I sure do. This is SO miserable! I don't remember my pregnancy with Hannah ever being so bad, except the last month when her big head dropped and I was so damn big and uncomfortable, I thought I would die. Ok, I'm going to go look for a bedding set for Emme so I'll write more some other time.

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