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Mary Rose O'Connor (mamarosetechie) wrote,
@ 2003-10-11 21:26:00
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    Current mood:horny

    so for tonight, I will start this journal blurty, blurting out things that come to mind, or incorporating my own personal writing... so what I did today...
    woke up around 8:45...
    Went to work at 9:30
    freaked out at about 11:45 when I couldn't get a hole of my mom to remind her to call to get tickets to see Simon and Garfunkel...
    Lunch break at 12:30... went to KFC, to find I had forgotten my money in my dorm--- rapidly walked back to my room to get my money and my cell phone... Called mom... got the tickets... Called Rita, shared the news with her dad, called Lauren, shared the news with Lauren...went back to KFC, got some delicious pop corn chicken... hardly had time to eat it...
    1:00 back to work
    5:30 work ends, woo hoo!
    6:00 Dinner time with the kids at the Den
    sometime after that, back here to the dorms, sat around watching tapes of NC show choir, funny shit, and then back to the good ole room to sit around for a while and watch SLC PUNK later.

    SO what have i done this week?
    Well a friend from home (and former love interest) came down. We had a long talk in Towson Diner about shit that's been going on, catching up on what's happened to us more or less over the past few months since our randezvous. It really just felt like meeting someone new, that you feel like you've known forever... just because so much has changed, but there's still that comfortable familiarity between us. He's a really awesome guy, and i do miss him a lot, sincerely...

    I was supposed to go to see The Strokes on sunday with a good friend (and also former love interest)... (what's up with me hanging out with the former love interests this week?) but the tickets fell through. I say meh. I've seen them before... I needed the extra money anyway. I'm not too heartbroken over it...

    Thursday night i hung out with Bryan and Jon from down the hall for quite a while, being mesmerized by the beauty of scary balloons that float by the command of a wind machine... that was interesting, the footage of it is probably amazingly artsy. Then we taped Bryan doing his laundry for the first time, and Jon and I kun fu fighting in the laundry room. It was fun times... and I was hating myself the next morning when i woke up at 7:30 to go to Math... totally sucked...

    Last night I got my paycheck from work, a whopping $86. So I treated myself to John Cusack shirt, some fun halloween stuff, an Auntie Anne's Pretzel and Lemonade, a sketch pad, and SCHOOL OF ROCK for the second time. It was good fun. Lots of walking, but lots of fun. I was dying by the time i went to bed last night from all the walking and standing on my feet all day at work today didn't help the situation much. but that's ok. I'll survive...

    I GUESS...

    So without getting too intimate into my thoughts as a first-off journal entry.. I found this poem I had forgotten I wrote.. I only wrote it a week ago, but i wrote it at like 2 in the morning, when I write all my poetry, but I wrote it when I was horny and frustrated that i didnt' have a boyfriend or at least a love interest of sorts (Which is the majority of the time) but yeah, this is also one of my most recent DOC entries...

    Long Conversations over coffee
    Listening to music
    And makeout sessions
    Heavy petting
    And fondling each other's hair
    Long awkward silences
    Right before you tackle me
    And I can't help
    But feel it necessary
    To tackle you right back
    Or tell you that I love
    When I only mean it in the moment.

    it's short, but more or less what i want right now i guess... there's more to come as far as my personal writing goes. Not sure i like this poem so much, but it accurately describes what i want, so I like it for its truth.

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