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Malinda Maloney (malinda_29) wrote,
@ 2005-09-04 22:06:00
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    Current mood: anxious
    Current music:Did You-Hoobastank-Spider-Man 2

    Random - ness
    There is something about music that just seriously connects with my soul. I'm not the type of person that listens to the words of songs, and then likes the song because of them. It's the tune, the basic pattern of notes and sounds that gets to me. It's just crazy that some people aren't like this. I guess it's just been so ingrained in me, even since I'm been a little kid. I started taking dance class -long- before I even knew what gymnastics was, and I started gymnastics in second grade. That's probably why I love marching band so much, especially guard. If I marched my flute, or some other instrument, I don't think it'd be the same for me. Being in front of an audience, any size, during a performance, I tend to immerse myself completely into the performance. Like, when I'm on beam during a gymnastics meet, I can hear the simple click of the sports editor taking a picture of me, but I completely tune all cheering/floor music out. But, when it comes to band, if I wasn't in guard, how would I keep that emotion inside? In guard, it's completely alright, in fact, the judge's ask for it, to show exactly what you're feeling... which, during when it counts, I'm feeling what the music is telling me to feel. If I am to stay healthy enough for the rest of my highschool years that I won't miss a marching season, this is my middle year. I have marched two, and I will march two more. Now, in saying that, I've been thinking of how I could possibly let this be over. Solution? Don't. Go someplace else that has the same opportunities. And where better to go than a Division I corp like... oh... say... Phantom Regiment? Not happening until I've graduated. But will it happen? I sure hope so. The two things that really get to me; listening/watching/performing field shows -or- the ocean. Actually, the ocean will always win out, but, that's a completely different story.

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