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Malinda Maloney (malinda_29) wrote,
@ 2005-05-26 21:37:00
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    Grace's Challenge
    Its' been so long since this all began. You'd think by now I would have been willing to take the plunge, give up my need for independence. I already know what the result would be; I'd be floating, lost in a nother galaxy far, far away. I'd be in a living dream; you would be the dish, I'd be the spoon, and it would be completely natural for cows to jump over the moon.

    It's funny to think that not that long ago I was complete strangers with you. I remember when you couldn't pronounce my name and I had no idea what your's was. And now, it's as if there is no other name.

    You're there for everything, and most often you have no idea. Memories rocket in front of my eyes; times when I didn't even know what I needed, but somehow you did. I know what it is to lose someone; I don't think the look on your face when you saw me cry will ever fade from my mind. Little did you know that I had cried all my tears away that day, but form some reason, when I saw you, it was as if a reservoir had just emptied into my eyes. And yet, you were the one that kept me sane; you were the one that made me smile again, you were the one that kept me from breaking.

    Here I am, knowing how incredibly blessed I am to have you. I can't believe how many times I've asked you to wait just a bit longer, and how your answer of "okay" was never said with resent.

    Night is the time I think, and usually I think too hard. Thoughts come into my head; what they are depends on my mood. In one of my very rare dark moods, it's sometimes hard not to question what I would do if I lost another friend. Everytime this crosses my mind, I always feel terrible about thinking that losing you would be the most painful. But what do you expect? I fyou think about it, even from the beginning, we've never just been "friends". I pray, though, to never have to have another picture like the one of four friends, standing interlinked, one who is now gone forever, sitting where the pain of happy memories is always remembered.

    But, I guess I rambled too much again. The real point of my letter is, of course, to ask you a simple question. You once promised the ocean to me, and when I asked what was keeping it, you told me that it was thirsty and needed to stop for a drink. Well, is it still thirsty? I have had a terrible aching in my heard for awhile now, and would appreciate knowing how much longer I need to wait. =)

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