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Mal (mal531) wrote,
@ 2004-06-03 21:42:00
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    Current mood: hungry
    Current music:Astonishing Panorama of Endtimes(Marilyn Manson)

    Sneeze-yes, I have just sneezed.
    Well....we got our yearbooks today, got some signatures, since I recieved it 6 period. Oh yeah, and you know how in my last entry I was on the phone with Erika? Well, on the way up to bed, I was walking around in this basement in the pitch blackness, and you know that doorframe where you're soppossed to walk in between? I disobeyed that, I had a big red bump on my forehead, it hurt. But anyways, I've got some intersting yearbook entries, some are really sweet, some are just plain out funny. I'll write them in here if i ever get around to it and since it's upstairs, whoknows. I believe I just bombed that SS test I studied really hard for...goddamn it, I actually tried and I fucked up. Great. And I have a goddamn 87.4 in spansih, and this is an alltime low for me, an 83 in Science, and since I fucked up in SS, I'm so scared that I'm gonna do horribly this quarter. Danielle's birthday thing is tomorrow, I'm going ovwr to Chelsey's after school...I guess Chris is gonna be there, I'll meet the ol' chap. I'm hungry. OMG, I was at dance wasn't bad, ballet, boring as usual, and pointe was starting to hurt like no other.I had writing all over my left arm today, oyyyy. Grandma Jeanne and Grandpa Arthur are coming in this weekend, and so is Gulchy, YAY!!! Well, mnore for Gulchy, 'cause she's more fun and I have to give my room to them, and they're the bitchy kind of grandparents, well actually Grandma Jeanne is. But I'm gonna let you go now, adios

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