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Mal (mal531) wrote,
@ 2004-06-01 22:42:00
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    Current mood: productive
    Current music:Last Train Home(The Lostprophets)

    Wow, I really haven't written in a long time, and now I have finally dragged my ass to go do it. let's rid of AOL and now got that Adelphia email Chicago was intersting, everyone had their squabbles with each toher, some got sick of each toher, so and such. The best was the blue man group, when he was crawling on everyones chair, he stopped on mine, and I just looked up and was like, Oh my god...Jake, Eric, Matt and Steve were like, "How was your lapdance mallory!?" Haha that was greeeat. Kathryn had her fair share of sickness. ouch. I made friends with some kids. Mike Seink, and some other kid I don't recollect the name of. Erika just called now, gotta love that girl. Oh yeah, I sorta became friends with Gabi; contrare to what a lot of epople say, She's not that bad, I'm actually becmoing fond of her(NOT LIKE THAT). On Saturday night I slept over Erika's adn Gabi was there, it was fun. Then on Sunday, Erika's family had a family cookout thing, and Gabi, Steve,Nate, Brad and Chris came over. That was fun. We painted their nails, and put FULL HOOKER MAKEUP on Brad. That was amusing. Then I went home. I went to Aydens on Monday, eh....Keith the bastard was there. Ayden and I wrestled, I have so many new brusies, yay! I'll count em later. Brad came over adn helped me study the damn Civil War, I hope I do well. Well, I better read the The Wave.

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