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Mal (mal531) wrote,
@ 2004-05-20 16:36:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:Heart Shaped Box-Nirvana

    the day is shortening and so is my tolerence
    Dude, we had an assembly about Chicago today, and since we had pictures of our teams before the assembly, they fro some reason put me in the front row =/ and at the end Mrs. Green calls me over, and Mrs. Stein(who's name I jsut found out) was like, "Did you go down to the office because I said your shirt was too short?" (WHICH IT WAS NOT TODAY!) I said", you did not" MRs. Green-"Are u saying that she didn't tell you?" ME-"Yeah,I 'm sure. You(Stein) didn't tell me anything at all. I would've gone down if you told me to, but you didn't. BEsides, Mrs. Stein, I've never talked to you beofre in my life." Mrs. Green-"Okay then, you go back and sit down." I didn't understand that at all, they just want to get me kicked off Chicago or soemthing. God, I can't wait 'tillI get outta here. I ahve dance tonighjt, gotta wwear the costumes! HA! I'm really sore for gym, we've been runnning a lot thnis week. I was touching Mike Seink's hair today....he is a cool dude. I've never talked to him before, but today, I told him he had the coolest hair and he said yeah and bent forward for me to pet it, I had a jolly ol time. Man, Steve Tuma is a funny ass kid. Me him and ERika walk down to choir in the mornings and he took ERikas book and threw it away, it got banana on it. And then hm and Cameron took shit outta my locker and Steve stuffed it up his shirt. I had to attack that kid for it. Man, tomorrows gonna be intersting, the school is on a rreaally tight clothes mission watch..I better watch my back, literlly, haha!!!Gotta get ready for dance, so chao.

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