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*GiVe*UnTo*Me* (makexover) wrote,
@ 2004-05-04 17:34:00
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    Current mood: depressed
    Current music:Evanescence - October

    So... lately... Well, Sarah admitted to liking Adz on Friday, which sucks, and now Cara likez Kinz... how bumarseish is that? May dad's started getting more nasty again, argh he makes me so fucking angry. Why did I ever love him? Agh, family, I wish I didn't have to have them. I always remember, when I was little... I was 'daddy's little princess', my sister was mum's favourite, she'd tell me all the time... now look, my sister is my mum's favourite and my dad is a cunt, who do I have? No one, that's right, little old Vicky is left alone in a family with a bunch of fucking losers she can't stand, my dad's a drunk, my sister's an egotistic bitch, my mum doesn't understand and doesn't give a shit about me, and I won't count my brothers 'cause I actually don't like them much anyway.. and as for other family, I hate my grandparents... and haven't seen the rest in years, I feel lucky to say 'Thank God' right about now. I've really started getting depressed again lately... you know, the way I was before Bruce... damn he made me the happiest I've been for a long time... shame he was a fucking cunt and I despise him now... I'm just sick of putting on a smile to make the world happy... Inside I'm screaming yet no one is hearing the little girl inside who just wants to be loved, yeah, sounds lame, but it's how I feel...

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