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Seth (maitryx) wrote,
@ 2003-08-27 18:28:00
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    Current mood: irritated
    Current music:boys of summer (remake) by ???????????

    oh my unholy hell...can life get any more hectic?!?!?!
    -=-=-=-if life gets any more crazy, the furby gets it between the eyes, i swear it!!!!!-=-=-=-

    ok, now that that's done with, greetings and salutations to the wonderful world contained within my head, or something like that...

    today, i get informed that my ex's pad got raided, and she almost lost the 2 boys. her bf has a week tops before he gets thrown in jail, she may be going as well. i'm not going to get into too much detail, but i'll say this much...blah.

    anyways, a little unwantedly-known update on the whole bf getting messed up in her turns out it wasn't lsd, but ketamine that he ended up shooting. a gram of it to be exact....well, close enough. it was 2 grams, which was 75% ketamine and 25% meth. was intended for my ex, so that the chick giving ti to her could steal away her man. luckily the ex didnt get it, or she'd proly be dead, especially seeing as she's about 90 pounds total. thank god her bf weighs about 160.

    is it just me, or does my life sound almost like some sort of drama story line, kinda 'days of our lives'-ish???

    blah. on a good note, i got to roam about the mall with the 2 little monsters for a while today, which was fun as hell. i love them soo much...=) i got ahold of 2 computer cases last night, so i have my work cut out for me the next day or so with building more computers, and oddly enough, it's only because i have nothing better to do when my lil guys are sleepin. lol, on a way funny note, i have nate doing the whole 'rock on' hand symbol when he says rock on, he's too cool!!!

    on a little bit of a bummer note, i'll be removing my fangs here in a day or 8, due to the need and desire to support my sons as best as i can, especially seeing as i cant seem to find a job period, nonetheless it gettin any easier since i got the re-pierced. dam the man. so i'l be back down to 8 piercings...woe is me.

    side note: i'll be making a little web page/site later this next week or so in order to show off my crazy ass self, as well as friends and family's pics (much love to john, paul, dk, and the hoodlums in denver I LOVE YOU ALL SOO MUCH!!!!!!!). but the time it'll take to get that up and going al depends on how often i get to play on the old pc. hopefully i'll be able to be in my own place before too long so i wont have to worry about stressin my dad and mom out too badly. they love the kids, but the kids are just that, kids. and this house isn't suited well for little monsters roaming about. oh yeah, if anyone reading this happens to feel generous or something, feel free to email me and let me know if you can get ahold of a punching bag, a small (like 150#) weight set, and as always, more computer stuff....but most importantly, if you can help out in any way with food, clothes, diapers, toys, etc.. for the kids. until i can find a job, it's gonna be hell, but they're worth every lick fo a flame taken.

    hasta for now, much loves to all
    DRY THAT HAIR SANDRA!!!!! lol, big huggs for ya!!!!!


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