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Mahina Rosa (mahinarosa) wrote,
@ 2003-09-10 18:45:00
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    Current mood: cranky
    Current music:baby boy

    I think all the swimming is altering the chemical composition of my skin
    Well school is incredibly ironic, but isnt everything? My bus driver doesnt talk or hardly even reconize the exsistance of the kids on the bus. And he doesnt know how to stop properly. Here I am at the bus stop, and he stops to the left of me or to the right of me, never right in front of me, and then I have to walk to the door. It should frickin come to me! hehe. Then I get to school and they are blaring some idiotic song over and over on the intercoms. Finally class starts and I am bombarded by French. How the heck does he expect me to understnd what he is saying?! It too early for another language. Then Im off to Biology, my teacher's wife decided to have a kid so hes off for the week, leaving us with Mr. Clifford (he hates the frickin dog). Then I have accelerated english and world studies. My teacher is pycho. You ask a question about someting and he assings a ton of homework on it. Well fine. Make us kids all stay up tp all odd hours of the mihgt working -no slaving- away for you. Skrew you. Then I have lunch. Yummy, I dont even taste my food Im soo tired by this point. Next I go to orchestra and have Mrs. Vail yell at our section to play louder, well sorry, we do only have 5 violas though, get over it. And then I drag myslef to math. I could sleep in this class and not miss anything. I learned it all in 7th grade for crying out loud, the juniors are idiots. I play games on my calculator the whole time.
    Then I go to swimming and work my butt off for something I am no where close to being great at, yet. I did 72 pushups today and 61 yesterday. And my "abs" hurt from crunch type things that are altered slightly to make them harder. Then we swim laps the rest of the time...Time trials tomorrow.
    Right now I should be at soccer but I couldnt take anymore and decided to skip it.
    This entry is really depressing. My life really isnt this bad.
    I think Bryan has actually forgiven me, since I talked to him yesterday. We may even become friends again, I have to be careful though.
    Calvin and I could be friends too.
    I talked to Justin the other day. I will only say it was dissapointing. I asked him if he had the lunch I was at or if he was just going to his next class, and he says "We always have the same lunch" (sexy) hehe right... anyway, I said "it must be a good omen" hes like a what? and omen, justin, an omen. whats an omen? sigh....
    Brady still likes me apparently.
    His cousin confuses me...hes done some things, and he knows that Brady likes me, how could he betray his own cousin like that? Hes a guy, thats how. Not to be sexist though. *wink*

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