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Samn Kuper (magicsam88) wrote,
@ 2005-04-17 16:18:00
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    Current mood: cynical

    everyones semming to do this survey, so, like the sheep i am, i did it it too.

    Really Long Survey (over 200)

    Created by starsbleed2nite and taken 80985 times on bzoink!

    What is your name?Samuel Wilson Cooper
    Are you named after anyone?well, the wilson part came from my great great grandfather--- who lived in Dodge City during the Wild West days. He was a newspaper man.
    What's your screename?MagicSam88
    Would you name a child of yours after you?no
    If you were born a member of the opposite sex what would your name be?Abagail
    If you could switch names with a friend who would it be?no one. i like my name
    Are there any mispronounciations/typos that ppl do w/ your name constantly?well, people sometimes say "Samn" as "Sammin," which is wrong. also, sometimes they spell my name "Copper"
    Would you drop your last name if you became famous?no... but i'd change it to Uel
    Your gender:male
    Straight/Gay/Bi:Bi i suppose
    Single?yes, at the moment
    If not, do you want to be?no
    Your age:16
    Age you act:i dunno... someone tell me
    Age you wish you were:uh 7.... or 16
    Your height:6'2"
    Eye color:blue
    Happy with it?yes
    Hair color:blonde
    Happy with it?yes
    Lefty/righty/ambidextrous:right when writing and playing guitar, amb at everything else
    Your living arrangement:me and me ma and our zoo
    Your family:what about em?
    Have any pets?many
    Whats your job?student/musician/artist/actor/amateur theologian
    Addictions?caffeine (absinthe if I'm not careful)
    Do you speak another language?not really
    Have a favorite quote?not one that comes to mind, but i like many
    Do you have a webpage?kinda
    Deep Thoughts About Life and You in it
    Do you live in the moment?not really, but on occasion, yes
    Do you consider yourself tolerant of others?yes, but i do not suffer fools
    Do you have any secrets?many
    Do you hate yourself?at the moment? not really. but i have before
    Do you like your handwriting?sometimes
    Do you have any bad habits?yes
    What is the compliment you get from most people?"you sing really goood"
    If a movie was made about your life, what would it be called?The Boy Downstairs: Under the Loincloth"
    What's your biggest fear?having my lungs being invaded by siafu ants
    Can you sing?yes
    Do you ever pretend to be someone else just to look cool?uhhh noooo
    Are you a loner?not usually
    What are your #1 priorities in life?to survive~ Maslow's hierarchy of Needs
    If you were another person, would you be friends with you?matters what kind of person this other person would be
    Are you a daredevil?No
    Is there anything you fear or hate about yourself?yes
    Are you passive or agressive?passive as all get out
    Do you have a journal?yes
    What is your greatest strength and weakness?strength- creativity :: weakness- tendency to backslide into apathy
    If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?my weight i guess
    Do you think you are emotionally strong?no
    Is there anything you regret doing/not doing in life?yes
    Do you think life has been good so far?nothing is all good or all bad. It has had aspects of both
    What is the most important lesson you've learned from life?don't trust yourself
    What do you like the most about your body?its a tie between my collarbones and my teeth
    And least?my ankles
    Do you think you are good looking?no--- but not terribly ugly either
    Are you confident?depends
    What is the fictional character you are most like?wilson, the volleyball from castaway
    Are you perceived wrongly?yes... most of the time *sigh*
    Do You...
    Do drugs?matters what you consider drugs
    Read the newspaper?yes
    Go to church?sometimes temple, but not even that very often
    Talk to strangers who IM you?yep
    Sleep with stuffed animals?nope
    Take walks in the rain?yep
    Talk to people even though you hate them?yepo
    Like to drive fast?n/a
    Would or Have You Ever?
    Liked your voice?yes
    Hurt yourself?yes
    Been out of the country?yes
    Eaten something that made other people sick?yes
    Been in love?yes
    Done drugs?again, matters what you consider a drug
    Gone skinny dipping?no
    Had a medical emergency?no
    Had surgery?no
    Ran away from home?no
    Played strip poker?no
    Gotten beaten up?no
    Beaten someone up?no
    Been picked on?yeah in elementary school
    Been on stage?many many times
    Slept outdoors?yes
    Thought about suicide?yes :(
    Pulled an all nighter?yes
    If yes, what is your record?was awake for a full 37 hours the first day in Europe
    Gone one day without food?yes
    Talked on the phone all night?not all night
    Slept together with the opposite sex w/o actually having sex?yes, infact did last night and the night before
    Slept all day?not all day
    Killed someone?no
    Made out with a stranger?no
    Had sex with a stranger?no
    Thought you're going crazy?yes
    Kissed the same sex?no
    Done anything sexual with the same sex?no
    Been betrayed?yes
    Had a dream that came true?yes many times
    Broken the law?yes
    Met a famous person?yes -Alex Grey!!!! woooooo
    Have you ever killed an animal by accident?yes.... my mousy :(.... but he was a cannibal
    On purpose?bugs
    Told a secret you swore you wouldn't tell?yes- but only once, a long time ago
    Stolen anything?yes
    Been on radio/tv?hmmmm i think i was on the news or something
    Been in a mosh-pit?yeah
    Had a nervous breakdown?yes
    Bungee jumped?no
    Had a dream that kept coming back?yes
    Belive in life on other planets?yes
    Miracles?what kind?
    Satan?i believe in the devil more than Satan
    Love at first sight?yes
    Yin and yang (that good cant exist w/o bad)?definitely
    Witches?i know a few
    Easter bunny?no
    Believe its possible to remain faithful forever?yes
    Believe theres a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow?oh yeah
    Do you wish on stars?no
    Deep Theological Questions
    Do you believe in the traditional view of Heaven and Hell?not really
    Do you think God has a gender?no
    Do you believe in organized religion?i believe that whatever people believe in is their choice and if that is organized religion, then yes
    Where do you think we go when we die?Antartica
    Do you have any gay/lesbian friends?yes
    Who is your best friend?Piper, Craig
    Who's the one person that knows most about you?Piper
    What's the best advice that anyone has ever given to you?"do what feels right"
    Your favourite inside joke?Huhhnay
    Thing you're picked on most about?my bizarre collection of preserved insects... lol... i dunno
    Who's your longest known friend?Craig
    Ditziest?Michelle.... but thats not really true
    Friends you miss being close to the most?Joe
    Last person you talked to online?Mike
    Who do you talk to most online?Emma
    Who are you on the phone with most?My mom
    Who do you trust most?myself
    Who listens to your problems?Piper, but she doesnt reallt have a choice
    Who do you fight most with?I dont really fight
    Who's the nicest?Alex
    Who's the most outgoing?Craig
    Who's the best singer?Amy
    Who's on your shit-list?I dont have one
    Have you ever thought of having sex with a friend?no
    Who's your second family?the Ownenses
    Do you always feel understood?no
    Who's the loudest friend?i dont know
    Do you trust others easily?not strangers
    Who's house were you last at?Amy's
    Name one person who's arms you feel safe in:Alex's lol
    Do your friends know you?kinda
    Friend that lives farthest away:James
    Love and All That
    Do you consider love a mistake?what kind of love? and what kind of mistake?
    What do you find romantic?the dark
    Turn-on?intelligence, humor, beliefs, kindness, compassion
    Turn-off?arrogance, too much outspokeness, apathy, self- impotance
    First kiss?yes...
    If someone u had no interest in had interest in dating u how would u feel?flattered and akward
    Do you prefer knowing someone before dating them or goingwell i would at least like to know a little about them
    Have u ever wished it was more socially acceptable 4 a girl 2 ask a guy outit isnt?
    Have you ever been romantically attracted to someone physically unattractivuhhh i suppose?
    Do you think the opposite sex finds you good looking?not really
    What is best about the opposite sex?female logic
    What is the worst thing about the opposite sex?female logic
    What's the last present someone gave you?flowers from the play
    Are you in love?I think i might be
    Do you consider your significant other hot?n/a
    Who Was the Last Person...
    That haunted you?my dad
    You wanted to kill?no one
    That you laughed at?Simon
    That laughed at you?Simon
    That turned you on?Alex lol
    You went shopping with?my mom
    That broke your heart?no one
    To disappoint you?i dunno
    To ask you out?Katherine
    To make you cry?no one
    To brighten up your day?Alex
    That you thought about?Carolyn
    You saw a movie with?Russ
    You talked to on the phone?Craig
    You talked to through IM/ICQ?mike
    You saw?my mom
    You lost?i dunno
    Right This Moment...
    Are you going out?yes
    Will it be with your significant other?no
    Or some random person?no
    What are you wearing right now?clothes
    Body part you're touching right now:torso
    What are you worried about right now?my foot
    What book are you reading?Grass for his Pillow
    What's on your mousepad?folders
    Use 5 words to describe how you're feeling:clean
    Are you bored?no
    Are you tired?a little
    Are you talking to anyone online?no
    Are you talking to anyone on the phone?no
    Are you lonely or content?lonely
    Are you listening to music?no

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