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Scott (magic8baai) wrote,
@ 2003-08-22 22:20:00
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    Current mood: relieved
    Current music:The Channukah Song III

    Well, today is Friday, who didn't know that? Anyways, marching band this week was brutal. On Tuesday, we started at 6, and were suposed to end at 8....well, seeing as way leads on to way it ended at 8:45...:^(. We started out marching...for about an hour and a half...woo hoo, who could ask for anything more? Then as it looked like hell was gonna break loose in the sky we went into the auditorium. We then proceded to play in there for the next hour or so as the flutes are incapable of holding their instruments level.... Then on Thursday it was like boot camp, we marched, I myself had to wear a 10 lb sax around my neck, for 2 hours with only one single four minute break.... But, we must move on, and thank god today is Friday. So, tonight, I went to see "The Medallion" it was really good. A typical Jackie Chan movie, but good. Funny as hell in some places, but not everywhere, just right, with the right amount of martial arts. So I am sitting here talking to Kathleen, and playin TSO. I have no life if you hadnt guessed already. @(º¿º)@

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