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Scott (magic8baai) wrote,
@ 2003-08-23 16:37:00
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    Current mood: horny
    Current music:Adam Song Live

    Nothing to do!
    Sitting here alone, nothin to do. Family went to look for a new car for my dad. They woke me up early :^(. Oh well, i might as well have gotten up, so i did. Really didn't do that much today. played TSO, watched Saturday Night Live, Alien(good movies), watched other things on the internet, exercised *evil grin*, talked with ppl on Buddy Pic...that is a great site. I learned all sorts of things on there, I go the sex and relationship forum...very interesting. I swear, ppl will answer any question if it is on that site, no matter what it is about...I learned that oposite guys who like lesbians, girls dont like gay guys... I am not quite sure if i really needed to know that. Talkin to someone I have never met and Chris *waves hi to Chris*. Showin him my buddy icons...he liked the beaver, go figure... Anyways, there is still nothing to do so...hmm...maybe i should exercise 4 times to many? who knows. Lol, Chis can't seem to change his icon, it wont stop being homer... it is acctually pretty funny. Hmm... maybe I should exercise...tempting.

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