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When it comes to being lucky she's cursed (madisonshea20) wrote,
@ 2004-04-02 18:51:00
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    Current mood: indescribable
    Current music:old school know where its at

    Why do good girls like bad guys?
    Good song. Even better question.

    Its been a long week. There's really nothing else to say. Just alot of waiting and uncertainty ahead. What else is new right?

    I had a good heart to heart with Jenna today so I feel alot better after that. Kovs helped too. I love them and I can never thank them enough for getting me through the week.

    Our game tomorrow is cancelled which sucks but its just as well. Physically, I'm pretty close to being able to go without a problem. Little rusty but I have doubt I can do it. The day after, well that's another story. But mentally, I'm nowhere near ready to be on the field. I can't get past the fear of getting hurt. I've been playing on this so long, I never had to worry about getting hurt. I wasn't going to blow out my knee so what could I possibly do to make it worse? I can blow it out now. Not that I was invincible but in my mind, nothing that bad could happen. So I've got a few more weeks to get it together.

    We had a really good debate in one of my classes today. I didn't even care about the topic but I was getting heated. I miss debating stuff. I'm kinda looking forward to my next debate for another class now even though I have to defend something I'm against. It'll be a learning experience anyway.

    I need to come up with some plans for my night. I've got all weekend off and I plan on taking full advantage of that...

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