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Verr├╝ckter Bombenleger (madbomber80) wrote,
@ 2003-01-25 00:49:00
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    Current mood:feeling pretty good...
    Current music:Nine Inch Nails - Piggy

    even when it's handed to me i don't want it....

    so may dad set up this job thing with a guy he knows from his work. this guy just had to fire like 6 people from his fiber glass place and was in need of some help. so i have to go over and talk to him about what i'd be doing and before i can say no he's like come in tomorrow (fri) at 6:30 and we will put you to work. hold on a min man....i don't really wanna do this...anyway so i go in ass early this morning and everyone in there is half retarded or going to visit their brother in prison this weekend or speak little to no english, and not even just spanish there were to bosnian guys that like no one could communicate my dad's friend i think was cracked out the other day and didn't show up until like 8:00 this morning so i'm standing around for an hour and half with nothing to do and nobody else knew what i was supposed to do....

    so this place does fiber glassing and interiors for boats and jeep hard tops. i won't bore you with it but this isn't really what i wanted to i opted out at lunch time and go home oh well job hunt continues...yes, i am lazy. yes, it was easy money for the most part. no, i don't care i wouldn't have been happy work was too easy and those guys were screwed up...

    day got better after that....friend came over we sat around and talked awhile i was kinda pissed though she went down to the climbing gym with out me, but she thought i was working so ehhh....then went and saw "signs". yes it came ouy 6 months ago. no we did not see it but we had made plans to but various things came up and we never did. after that went to one of her friends houses and smoked and drank alittle her friends were screwed up they had been at it awhile one guy had like $200-300 worth of pot and bunch of x. i behaved for the most part but i was entraining to watch these guys get screwed up. i haven't done that since high school...

    now i'm home...and sleepy...but i'll probably be up for another 3 hours...ehhh....also going swimming tomorrow morning with andria...i dunno....girls hurt my head....

    i want to go climbing....oh's also like 10 freaking degrees down here

    "nothing can stop me now, cause i don't care anymore. nothing can stop me now because i just don't care"

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