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MaCy (macyroxurbuns) wrote,
@ 2003-12-22 10:11:00
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    Current mood: angry
    Current music:Believe- by Cher

    Ooh, lordy lord!
    It's been FOREVER since i updated this thang! lol! well things that have happend.. hmm i went 2 my grammas house yesterday.. well actually i was there since friday... but i just chilled with my 8,5, and 2 year old cousins along with Aasiyah, my 13 yr old cousin!! i dont really remember what we did but i hadda lotta fun! what i CAN remember is that we went to the mall! but i didnt buy anything.. but a few weeks b4 that just my mom dad and 2sisters and i went 2 CA! we went sightseeing, shopping, to disneyland, and we went to the Peter Pan premiere, and went to hollywood, and we went to go see Lalaine at this place.. lol.. well the past few dayz was just party paarty party!! Friday we went to my sorta like cuzin's house 4 a party.. saturday it was my 16 year old cousin's party..and sunday it was MY lil sister's 2nd bday party!!! it was fuunn.. but yaa.. on saturday we chilled wit aasiyah! it was fun! we watched her drama tape.. dangg.. that was funny!! ahhahahah.. than we went to the mall like i said earlier.. so ya.. thats whats been goin on.. lol.. o ya.. i got my cell bak! its still the same number.. ask me for it!


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