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MaCy (macyroxurbuns) wrote,
@ 2003-12-03 21:50:00
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    Current mood: lonely
    Current music:Hollywood Swinging- donno who its by

    These past few dayz.. lol
    Well! Where too start?!? lol.. umm.. [last sat.] well i went to my cousins 16th bday party! man! it was a blast! she rented a hall and a dj it was awesome! after me n tara went to lily's house 4 tha nite.. it was fun.. and in the morning we went to Ihop! and than lily came over! then samantha l. had to come over for sum reason.. i dont really know.. and then we went to cici's.. lol my fav-or-ite! haha... and than lily and samantha went home!! well.. i dont remember what else we did.. i cant remeber that far back.. LoL well in PE on tues. we watched FindiNg NeMo cuz it was PR day [progress report day].. man i luv that fave r Squirt, Nemo, and Dori!!! They;re soo cute!! lol well some news in school: ashley and alex!! thats an ok couple.. harrison and allison!! thats just wrong.. ashley howl. and steven a... thats better than ashley hend. n alex.. lol but yall r still cute!! lol welll...hmm i gess thats it! lol bowdy!!!


    gimme a ring! lol 281-583-9226 <--- home.. i'll get my cell back in a few dayz.. but the # is 832-236-1382.. but dont call it till i tell ya that i have it again!! lol

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