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Macia (macia) wrote,
@ 2003-07-30 00:47:00
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    Current mood: nostalgic
    Current music:... My thoughts.

    Another Lost Soul
    Character Info

    Name: Macia (nick name, he hates his real name)

    Age: 16

    Sex: Male

    Race: Telepath / Human

    Job: Cheating people out of their money, being depressed, and poor.

    Relationship Status: Single.

    RP Status: Alive, and where ever the hell he wants to be, dammit.

    RP Alignment: Evil. Fear me, rawr.

    Appearance: Check my avatar. Brown hair, blue eyes, skinny, 5'4"

    Attire: A black zip up turtle neck, but sleeveless, shirt, and casual black pants tucked into boots. Still, he wears black fingerless gloves that go up to his elbows.

    Weapon: His mind. Well, it's one of his weapons; he loves confusing his enemy's, acting on whatever insecurity pops into their mind. Other than that he uses whips.

    Attack Style: Confuse, attack, back off, confuse, attack, back off.

    History: Macia was pretty much just ignored. Something expected of the eldest of five children. . . to be ignored. That was his tragic childhood, he was ignored. I suppose, some need the attention and some don’t. Macia longed for attention, not only that, he could understand everything everyone thought about him... Which, being him, wasn't so wonderful.

    That longing basically drove him to insanity. Smoking on school campus, suspend for his 9th grade year for bringing a weapon upon school campus, the dying of his hair pink once. . . The list goes on. But his insanity has toned down a little since his mastering of his telepathic power and his dropping out of school. A little, not too much though. He’s a bad boy to heart. Strangely enough, a virgin bad-boy, I mind you.

    After he dropped out of highschool he stayed in his apartment, but his parents quit supporting him. Even with the job he had he couldn't afford it, and within a month he was both evicted from his apartment and lost his job. He ended up on the streets, which was what ended up killing him. Being a telepath he could hear everything thought around him... And he wasn't surrounded by nice people.

    One thing that majorly got him, was when someone enivisioned sex with him and someone else murdering him... Those were two times he very nearly killed himself running. He honestly hates his power now, the many dead bodies and thoughts of suicide...

    Macia has actually tried to commit suicide three times now. One time he slit both his wrists, but that was back when he was in highschool, and his parents found him. Another time shortly after he lost his job and home he nearly shot himself but someone walked in... And one time he tried to overdose on pills... but he ended up just knocked out for a week.

    His many suicide attempts aside, life isn't much better now, he just basically wanders the streets now, reading peoples minds trying to get money.

    Personality: Insane. Flirtatious. Spontaneous. Yet at most the time a strangely somber depressed teen. He’s not very predictable, and he likes it that way. Macia doesn’t want people seeing through him like a wall of glass. . . He’ll do anything to gain your attention though. Best advice, give him you attention. He is a loaded gun, himself. Add in his power to know everything you think, and you've got Macia.

    Oh, and be careful what you think. He assumes that if you think it, its public, so he doesn't mind commenting on it. Even if it's a personal thought about him, he'll comment, and tell you exactly what he thinks about it. Rejection or acception, if he likes you or not, either way, you'll hear about it.

    Additional Information
    Birthday: August 13th
    Origin: 1st Kingdom
    Favorite Food: Strawberry Pocky.
    Ex-Lover/s: A few boyfriends, and a girlfriend, but no one he was particulary serious with.
    Interesting fact: He doesn't wear the gloves as a fashion accessory, he uses it to cover the scars from the many times he's slit his arms and wrists.
    Hobby: Causing confusion and destruction.
    Likes: Chaos. Destruction. Pocky. Cigarettes. Leather. Video games. Alternative.
    Dislikes: Calm, quiet places. Boredom. Women.
    Closest to: Eiri.
    Pets:... He has no home for himself, muchless pets.
    Sexuality: Gay.
    Most Memorable Quote: "I won't be accused of abandoning you, but I don't have any emotions towards you. I just don't want any guilt trips."

    (( ... I have no comment on this. *glare* Don't even bring it up. *grin* Unless you happen to buy me strawberry pocky or cigarettes!!! ))

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