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michaela (mac1200) wrote,
@ 2003-02-24 17:06:00
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    Today hasn't sucked all that much. I feel like I should give reason why my bf sucks, maybe someone can offer advice. At my college there is a sorority called zeta tau alpha. Now I'm not one who likes to sterotype but in this case its true. Most of these girls are no good. They have an event called draft party which is basically them drafting guys they have crushes on to go. The guys don't know who drafted them until they get to the party. People have been known to get completely trashed. So when I found out that my boyfriend of 9 1/2 months was drafted and accepted I got a wee bit mad. Not thinking he would go after the little chat I had with him I didn't worry about it. Well Saturday around 6ish I found out he was going. I was furious. I had to call him back because I didn't want to say anything rash. Well, I told him I didn't want him to go. And he said that he understood that but he was still going to go. I WAS NOT HAPPY! I don't ask much of him... Anyways, I knew who the girl was. She just caused my best friend and her boyfriend (who is my bf's best friend) to break-up. Maybe you can see why I was upset. I've been cheated on by so many boys that I've truly trusted. I don't like being jealous or suspicious. This girl is up to no good. She needs to focus on her boyfriend and leave everyone else alone! Needless to say T and me are in a fight. He doesn't understand why I'm so upset. I guess its because my boyfriend got lightly toasted and grinded up against some trashy ho. I can't talk anymore, I'm getting more upset

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