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dana (m0rbidxreality) wrote,
@ 2003-07-18 12:57:00
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    Current mood: awake
    Current music:Soluna * For All Time

    heyyyy...well heres whats been happening

    *Yesterday I got up late once again...and Mariusz came over and we went swimming in the pool, yay. I called Ally to see if she could come but she was watching Nuno..sooo....yea. Jenn was out too so it was just me and Mariusz...we had a good time. Hop on the foot of the leg right Mariusz? lmao that was toooooooo funny

    *At night..i got to thinking and had a talk with the beginning we both felt pretty stupid and shitty...but once I told him a whole bunch of stuff he never knew before...the two of us were crying because what we have is so great...and I think everything I had to say to him last night made him realize that he doesnt need to be scared of anything...=) ah god i love him!!!!!!!

    *Today Mariusz was suposed to come swimming again...but we're not gonna do that since its cool outide and all. It sucks because I really wanted to see him...especially after last night...but I guess we'll both have to wait for tomorrow or something...

    *Since I hafta do 80 hours of community service for school...I'm pretty sure I'm gonna do it at this senior citizens dad knows the husbands of the 2 owners and he talked to them about they went ant told their wife...and they said that it would be no I might go over there today to talk to them about starting and stuff...but I hafta make suer on Wednesday I dont do it...cuz im going to the museum with Mariusz like I promised I would so he can get his drawings done and all that for school...

    *Well...i'll update later on...bye

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