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dana (m0rbidxreality) wrote,
@ 2003-06-21 10:56:00
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    Current mood: giggly
    Current music:nuthin

    heyy long time since i wrote...well things havent been too bad i guess....a few weekends ago was the portuguese feast and boy did we have fun there or what?! lol On Monday i believe im taking my first class with American Ballet Theatre in NY ::eek soooo nervous!!:: finals went great...i swear i fucking aced them ALL:D im so far im not going to summer school...i was so scared when she was giving out those slips lol i swear i almost cried every time she came near me cuz i thought i was gonna get one...On Monday me, Lucy, and Bettany left school at like 11 and went by East SIde looking for anyone that we knew..i was standing outside the front of the building and tommy noticed me from the art room window and mariusz came like running out lol it was so cute. I got to see him every day this whole week =). I helped him study for finals so he better have done umm.....lets see i didnt go to school today because whatever...And only 6 more days left! yay! and only 12 days until my braces come off! wee go July 2nd! lol and my new pool is getting set up around the 27th i think....hmm well im hungry so im gonna go and eat..ill be back!

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