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Jon (lyricdragon145) wrote,
@ 2005-03-24 00:26:00
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    Current mood: content
    Current music:nothing. blissful nothing.

    easter camp
    my sun's long gone, but the day still shines on me. of course, thanks to e2, the best tasting red bull of NZ. you know, there's nothing like a poor, crap movie to calm you down. that plus some ma po tofu. hehe.

    work is shaping up well. cell group ended today with a lot of sweat, and tired muscles. guess that's what happens when you go rock climbing. hehe. strange that a rock-climbing spot would be an underground christian witness. they are done by primal, a CCC group that's soon spreading internationally. gonna go check them out next thursday night. it's a youth church, completely run by youth. very fascinating.

    the day's been a rush of preparations. you know, like the tension that happens before any event? ya. that's it. getting up in 7-8 hours, furiously packing for 5 days at Tui Ridge, and shopping, and racing the 4 hours down there - all in the name of youth min. and strange thing is - it's been exciting.


    perhaps the work is growing on me. perhaps it just cause it doesn't seem like work too much anymore. it's life. which, of course, could be looked at as sad, and encouraging at the same time.

    did you know, that Caesar Augustus was the first one to declare the first 12 days of Advent? Course, it wasn't Christ's advent. Prophecies about Caesar were fulfilled, and in recognition, he declared himself the "saviour of the world" and the Advent season. intersting isn't it?

    btw, if you want a great topic to discuss check up a ministry for porn addictions. nice stuff. it's been getting a lot of respect from Mars Hill Bible Church and adult entertainment companies alike. They handed out over a 1000 Bibles at the AEE in Los Angeles ( or was it Vegas? not sure)

    is this a new facet of ministry? "jesus loves porn stars." instead of picketing and shouting condemnation outside of the convention, this is subversive ministry. getting inside the house. talking to the "stars." working next to the Devil's own. like Jesus did. "Who is this Man? He is nothing but a wine-bibber, and interacts with sinners." -Pharisees.

    very fascinating.

    on that note, i mentioned it to one of my guys, Josh. he then volunteered the question "is masturbation bad?" heh. how to answer that? 'yes, if you're thinking about sex. no if you're not.'
    funny thing is, no one talks about it. no church has the BALLS to talk about it. heck no. lol. you know, pastors have been voted out, or kicked out of their churches for being caught with porn. and yet many of our pastors, even the venerable Doug Batchelor has done drugs. Their reputations couldn't be higher.


    well, i'd better go, it's 12:45 am and i'll be home by 1:15 if i'm lucky.

    did i mention that i'm moving? no more 13 chablis. i'll be temporarily in St. John's Bay, near Mission Bay, with two of the coolest guys - Sean and Wayne. 2 of 3 identical triplets. sweet as.

    and the Piha boogie boarding souveniers are still there - the sandfly bites. you can't die from anything in NZ, but they will itch to hell. man.

    to all a merry Easter, an awesome weekend. Remember not the eggs, the bunnies, and all that. Remember our Lord. "He is not here, He is risen."

    much love. one God.

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