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Lynsey (lyn) wrote,
@ 2003-10-18 14:32:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:Hammer to Fall - Tony Vincent & Hannah Jane Fox

    Gaah! Where does the time go?
    Yet another month has gone by and again I've not been up to that much. The trip to London at the end of the month for Ollie's birthday has been booked. The flights are paid for, so are the tickets for We Will Rock You. So hyped up about it. Not only are we gonna get to see a fantastic show again but we're gonna get to meet Tony Vincent again! (hopefully). The other weekend I was just randomly surfing the internet and about collapsed when I found out Frances Ruffelle & Ruthie Henshall are playing Roxie and Velma in Chicago. Hopefully we'll get tickets for that while we're down. I will flip if we get tickets and get to meet Frances Ruffelle, Ruthie Henshall and Tony Vincent in one weekend!

    Since I last updated I also visited one of my flatmates form uni. She lives in Newcastle and the weekend before her birthday I went to join her on a night out in Newastle. We had a great time (apart from the random guys trying to grope us every 5 minutes). I also managed to see another friend from uni who I've not seen at all since I left so that was fun.

    At the moment our flat's kinda fun (and not in a good way). Ollie's ill with some sort of viral infection which has mainly gone but his throat is killing him. He can barely speak. The doctor said he can only treat it symptomatically so it Halls Soothers for him! Rusty, my hamster, has either an inner ear infection or a tumor. His balance is gone so he's on antibiotics which should take care of any infection but if he's not improved by Monday I can assume it's a tumor or growth of some sort.

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