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Melly (lykexomfg) wrote,
@ 2003-11-05 22:42:00
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    Current mood: bored

    Last time you:
    Smiled?: 5 minutes ago?
    Cried?: last night
    Bought something?: this morning
    Danced?: hmm, Monday night
    Were sarcastic?: today
    Kissed someone?: i huggled casey, does that count?
    Had a nightmare?: idk...
    Last book you read?: to kill a mocking bird
    Last movie you saw?: Scareyy Movie 2
    Last song you heard?: something from erik
    Last thing you had to drink?: SUNNY D
    Last time you showered?: This morning
    Last thing you ate?: Ice cream

    What do you most like about your body?: hair?
    And least?: fat?
    Do you think you're good looking?: nope
    Do other people often tell you that you're good-looking?: nope
    Do you look like any celebrities?: hahah no

    Do you wear a watch?: no :(
    How many coats and jackets do you own?: 0.
    Favorite pants/skirt color?: jeans
    Most expensive item of clothing?: idk. 40 $?
    What kind of shoes do you wear?: my green payless, red converse, or big black ones
    Describe your style in one word: stupid

    Your Friends
    Do your friends 'know' you?: yeh
    What do they tend to be like?: losers...
    Are there traits in you that are universally liked?: i dont know what that means..

    Favorite band ever?: ummm....
    Most listened to bands: ummm...
    Do you find any musicians good-looking?: yeah, theres quite a few
    Can you play an instrument(s)?: nope.
    Type of music most listened to?: anything thats playing.
    Type never listened to?: i listen to everything, fuck you
    Favorite book?: the body of christopher creed

    How many rings before you answer the phone: sometimes I just don't answer it.
    Do you sleep with stuffies?: My pillow, aha
    Do you want kids: yes
    Are you popular: oh yeah everyone knows me, pfft.
    Are you pretty: uh no?
    Do you have your own phone line?: no
    Do you get along with your family?: pretty much
    Do you have any piercings or tattoos?: my ears.
    Do you like...
    Giving hugs?: HUGGLEZ??
    Taking walks in the rain: maybe.
    Going on stage?: no.

    Do you....
    Drugs: pfft, NO!
    Eat meat: yup :)
    Sleep A lot: i wish i could sleep more
    Eat sushi: nope
    Bake: i always break something :(

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