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Melly (lykexomfg) wrote,
@ 2003-11-30 15:32:00
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    Current mood: blank

    gobble gobble.
    So last week wednesday I saw Cat in the hat it was sooo good hahaha then on thanksgiving, I went to Macy's Day Parade with Casey and her mom and Robert. it was mucho fun the WIGGLES were there =X omfg hahahaha, nah it was really funny, this girl asked her dad if he was a lesbian and stuff ahaha. it was grrrreeat! lol. So after that we went to her house and had a dinner and stuff... and then I came home and did well, nothing

    Friday I woke up at like.. 230 haha and I waited around and then went to the mall with my little brother, of course. it was fun I suppose nothing really speshul though.

    And uhhh Saturday I went over Casey's and we were supposed to go out with jay and her family.. but it ended up just me and her and jay, it was weird because you know i was like the third wheel, and i wont ever do it again but it was nice meeting him and stuf.f

    so i came home and she went over his house, i didnt wanan go becausei didnt wanna like.. intrude haha. and i know they wanted to be alone so i came here.. and sat.. and sat.. it was really boring.

    so this weekend sucked.
    it was boring
    and pointless
    and i would have rather been in school.
    and theres only one person to blame for this... me.. for having no friends.


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