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Michelle (lv2smile23) wrote,
@ 2003-07-06 01:02:00
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    Red, white, and BLONDE
    So I dyed my hair blonde today...I always thought it would work for I just did it! Just kidding, but we did go see the Legally Blonde movie at 5 after I worked 730-330, and it was everything I just made me relax and laugh since as you know it's nothing serious and there is no plot to figure out. So right after the movie I drove over to Katie's house because we had our concert tonight that we were so excited about!! But first I have to spend time with Bryce, my favorite two year old. I love little kids, they are so adorable. I love how they are so helpless and depend on us for every little thing that they need and I love how they are so fearless and they just love being alive. Seeing a little kid smile makes me so happy and it makes me forget about the petty things of life and just savor the moment. Everytime I see Bryce, he says "Hi Shell" and gives me a huge hug and immediately grabs my hand and takes me to his toys, and everytime I leave he says "I wuv you..and he kisses me bye and that is my favorite man right there...he knows just how to treat a lady! It just makes me smile to know that I can make someone happy, and I know that no matter what, I can always make kids happy if no one else. Things like this just reassure me that I am doing the right thing in life by wanting to work with kids. Anyway, the concert was amazing! We got there a little late, so we missed American Hi Fi, which I was a little upset about because those guys rock, but it's all right, there are worse things in life, right? Sugar Ray's set was already up and boy their lyrics do not make any sense or express much emotion at all other than talking about sex, but they have great energy, that's for sure, and they danced around in thongs...yes ladies...mark mcgrath in a thong...OH SOOOO you know why he worked in the porn industry before the band, or at least I do because I saw him! We had orchestra seating and we were just a few rows from a stage, so we saw everything so well, it was so exciting to be that close because I knew matchbox would put on a great show. Katie helped me pass out some Ceerius business cards and we definitely plastered them all over cars in the parking lot, just to spread the love. I hope some of the American Hi Fi groupies got ahold of some and know of a band who needs some help getting recognition, but we'll see nonetheless.
    Well Sugar Ray got off of the stage and MB came on, and I mean this was the last day of their tour so you would have figured they would be so tired and worn out, but it was just so amazing. I love the lyrics of their songs, it puts so many of my feelings into perspective and reassures me of so many things. Katie and I were just singing along and dancing to everything, and it was like no one else was in the ampitheather but me and the band. I love it when music makes me feel like that because then I really know it means something so much more to me than just notes and instruments. Rob Thomas is so gorgeous and when he sings it just makes my heart melt. After the concert, we went up to the very front and asked their manager, yes you heard right,if we could have a guitar pick from each band member...(I wanted a drumstick too, but no go!) and we got it....Rob even had signed his (I am sure he had already signed it for any fan, but still-AHHHH!!!) I mean it was amazing, we had an awesome time, and now it is time to get some sleep and dream about the words that are stuck in my head...Sweet dreams all...XOXO

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