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Leila (luvs_cmplctd) wrote,
@ 2003-10-23 19:17:00
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    Current mood: okay
    Current music:Christina Aguilera - Beautiful

    Here I am...not so alone.
    Today was a good day, and I have nothing to write about...except that yeasterday I tried to write this whole damn thing and then accidently pressed esc.! haha, so yeah nothing excitings happening except for halloween is close, the barn dance is tomorrow, and I dont know why, but im soo happy...maby its cause Jackies soo cool, and she said she would drill me hard to help me with tumbling! YAY! haha...I love you Jackie! Yeah so now, heres a updated survey I stole from Jenn's dead journal!

    1.) do you sleep with a stuffed animal? No, I was not as fortunate as some people to get a special stuffed animal when I was born to cherish...don't ask.
    2.) do you believe in extraterrstrial life? No...because I don't like to think of aliens...they scare me.
    3.) what do you wish upon? A eyelash...those fuzzy things in the air outside...basicly...anything.
    4.) when is the last time you felt special? cheerleadin, when Danielle told me that she needed me on the cheer team, and Jane and Jeannie picked me to be on their stunt side, cause it tells me people can trust me...and that makes me feel "special".
    5.) who would you love to be locked in a room with? Is that a silly question or what? I refuse to answer it...cause...I do!
    6.) do you like having your picture taken? Um...yeah, cause then people have memories of me, but I don't like looking at them, cause I always look retarted...unless I am retarted!?
    7.) have you ever tried to analyze your dreams? Yeah, in one of those 'Teen' magazines.
    8.) what is a lyric that describes you? Beautiful by Christina Aguilera.
    9.) what would a perfect day consist of? To have all the money in the world to go on a shopping spree and buy whatever I want...and then go to GTC were I get my backhanspring, tuck, and double full down...and then a picninc with a long walk on the beach afterwards with that "special" someone.
    10.) do you read your horoscope? Yes, it amuses me.
    11.) what are you addicted to? Im addicted to music...Ill bop anyone if they take it away. And Im addicted to saying like, and just kidding...and Ive noticed I use those three dots alot when I write (...), and I also do that thing with your two fingers when I talk... alot ("")!
    12.) what color are your shoes? Blue with white stripes
    13.) what is one thing you've learned today? Doing lotsa running and stretching can really hurt the next day!
    14.) who or what inspires you? Music inspires me.
    15.) what do you respect yourself most for? For being myself, and not changing for other people.
    16.) what do you hate yourself most for? For having the biggest mouth in the whole world!
    17.) if you were a crayon, what color would you be? light blue, cause its calming
    18.) how long do you wait to tell someone you love them? when we are going out, and you feel "special" inside.
    19.) when was the last time you cried? Like, a week or sooner ago, when watching a movie about some women's baseball team that was really sad for some the end when there old, its called "A League Of Thier Own".
    20.) do you believe in fate? Yes, like aaron and I were bron on the same day, both at St. Joes, and shared a hospital room!
    21.) what do you think about before you fall asleep? What should I wear tomorrow...did I finish my homework...Im hungry....pontless things like that.
    22.) what was the most difficult thing you've had to do? Break up with somebody for a friend who later stabs you in the back!
    23.) what do you want to be when you grow up? An Interior Designer.
    24.) if you were invisible what would you do? Play pranks, especially on the people who have ruined my childhood.
    25.) what's the worst think your parents ever found out about you? Um.....I was failing religion last year...thats about as bad as it gets.
    26.) what's the worst job you've ever had? Its not really a job, but volunteer work at The Craft Show last year was hell! I had to wash dishes by hand that were really gross...and couldnt talk to my friends.
    27.) what do you find most irresistable about a person? A good personality...who can make me laugh...and bein hott wouldnt hurt, but its confidence that makes you hott.
    28.) what is the most dangerous toy you had growing up? The Easy Bake Oven! I melted the handle and i fed all my food to my dog!
    29.) what are your thoughts on animal testing? I think if your so eager to test your product you can test it on yourself!
    30.) if you bumped into a car in a parking lot would you leave a note? Yeah, otherwise I would feel guilty....i get guilty easily, even if its not my fault.
    31.) do you like long walks on the beach? Yup, as long as its not cold out.
    33.) what does your laugh sound like? I laugh when Im nervous, even ask megan. when I have nothing to say I just giggl with a blank stare.
    34.) do you like to talk on the phone? yeah, my mum even got a "special" phone plan just for me!
    35.) what age do you wish you were? 18
    36.) how old do you act? 90!
    37.) what was the first band you saw live? The Backstreet Boys with Kim!
    38.) do you believe in love at first sight? Um...not really, i believe in hottness at first sight tho!
    39.) what's one thing you wish you knew? How to do a backhandspring!
    40.) where do you wish you were? Somewhere in florida with ashley right now!
    41.) what is your favorite sound? MUSIC...makes the people....come together.
    42.) what is your dream job? I thought Ianswered this? An Interior Designer!
    43.) what is the last thing that you bought? Um....a Cappochino at Island Jimmys with Ashley!
    44.) what cartoon character is most like you? Arnold, from Hey Arnold
    45.) what is your current mood? eager/happy/hiper
    46.) what's your favorite ice cream flavor? SUPERMAN...even ask Jonathon or Chris!
    47.) when is the last time your life was in danger? When I was like 7, I was in my aunts pool, and went into one of those floaty things were you slip your legs into...and I got stuck in the water with my head underwater and my feet above...and I gave up and thought I was gunna die...but then My aunt saw me and flipped me over!! This is ofcourse...not counting that drive by shooting at St Marys last year when learning the Prep Bowl Dance (haha, its a joke, it just felt like the wasnt really a drive by shooting)
    48.) what is wrong with the world? Too much pollution, poor people...and not enough money!
    49.) do you bite your fingernails? Yes, unfortunaltly very bad habbit.
    50.) what is the rest of your day going to consist of? sleeping,


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