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Leila (luvs_cmplctd) wrote,
@ 2003-10-11 13:32:00
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    Current mood: giddy
    Current music:BBMak - Out of my heart

    I was free...when we met, you were eating a burrito.
    Hahah, yeah, so Thursday night, I stayed on the phone for 3 Hours with Aaron. haa...then I had school Firday, and then cheerleading...and then Pam's birthday party! haha that was so great. Yeah, so we went to the mall, Great Lakes Crossing. It was soo much fun! hahah, yeah and then we played Karaoke, and watched Remember The Titans...well actually they did, I kinda fell asleep. But it was just Danielle, Ashley, Pam, Susie, Lisa, and me, so it was soo much fun! haha.

    (on my and ashleys way to pams house for her party)
    ashley: we should open the door and surprise them!
    me: yeah! and say PIZZA DELIVERY! haha
    (when we got there ashley and I run over but the doors locked so ashley starts shaking it like shes breaking in)
    mrs. pams mom: omg! you scared me!

    me: Danielle and Ashley?! What are you doing sniffing that underwear?!
    danielle: Its scratch and sniff!!
    ashley: and it smells like cherries!

    me and ashley: o danielle, that skirt looks so cute on you!
    danielle: hold on...
    (turns around and looks back at her butt in the mirror)
    the lady there: ::cracking up::

    (me, ashley, and danielle jumping up and down on the chairs in Marshall Fields)
    pam, susie, and lisa: we dont know you!
    (later susie, lisa, and pam jumping up and down on the seats in the car)
    danielle and ashley: were we that retarded when we were sevies?
    me: we were that retarted when we were shopping at marshalls today...remember?

    (susie's card for pam with three bananas on the front!)
    pam, ashley, danielle, and me: squeeze the banana!
    susie: look at the back!
    pam: Its a farmer with corn!
    ashley: there was a farmer...his name was bob...he had a GOAT...its name was bob!

    (mrs. pams mom takes the wine out)
    mrs pams mom an hour later: are you all drunk yet?!
    susie: O, Im gunna have a stumach ache after this!
    me: and im gunna like it!
    susie: i think a little toooooo much bubbly!

    susie: i dont get it
    pam: susie, just dont think

    haha, so many...i cant remember them all!

    Yeah, so now later I have to call ashley and then were taking her to our football game sunday, at Noter Dame Prep at 1:00 against St. Veronica. EVERYONE SHOULD GO! haha. ok, well then, i must go now. hehe, update after the game.


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