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Shannon (luv4themidget) wrote,
@ 2004-09-29 17:34:00
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    Current mood:accomplished
    Current music:the highway

    yea I'm here.....
    yea.... so I got in Thursday afternoon. It feels so wierd... I remember this place from my childhood.... when I was little....err... smaller than I am now. It rains a lot.... and its cold. The first day we got here I was wearing my sandals... and my poor lil feet froze... they turned blue it was sooo cool... but now I wear socks and shoes. And I joined ROTC navy style.... don't know why. Like... I'm a 'sit around the house in boxers and sports bra and eat all day long' kinda person... and now I'm visiting old folks homes (THEY SCARE ME!!!) and doing community service and all kind of non shannon type things. and yea... ppl down are strange.... I'm getting tired of the accents... everyone says "ya'll". I'm scared.... I'd rather deal with the transvestities then deal with the southies. AND ERICA I DON'T SOUND LIKE THEM!!!! I'll never be that bad... yea so I think I'm all done...

    one last thing..... I MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH.... YA'LL ARE NORMAL.... THESE DAMN FOOLS CAN'T TALK... and they do strange things... like invite ppl to church.... which isn't that bad. I went and slept... it was a geat nap....course I did get slapped.... by a few ppl, some I didnt know, for sleeping... but oh well life goes on. Take care... untill next time... later ladies.... and Khail. Love you all


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