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DeFiNiTioNoFpeRfEcT (luv2luvuboo) wrote,
@ 2003-12-11 14:13:00
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    Current mood: horny
    Current music:*u DoNt KnOw My NaMe-AlIcIa kEyS*

    thursday......dreaming of friday......naughty or nice???
    i cant belive xmas is only 2 weeks so far behind on my christmas shoppin i still have to buy for two friends two babies my hunny....and i think thats it but thats still alot....ahhhhhhh.....last weekend was so fc*in fun i went downtown to this one club i used to go to b4 i got pregnant and i havent been there was worth it and the girls and we juss chilled and danced we got there so early we were like the first ones in the place but we didnt care we went right on the dance floor lol it was fun....we juss danced our asses off then had some drinks somewhere from there i lost a 20 bill i was pissed but since we got in for free i didnt sweat it cuz we woulda had to pay 12 bucks just to get in so its jus slike i spent it...thats why im not gettin all pissed about it...but im sayin i coulda bought diapers or formula or clothes ya know? its just aggravating...i wana go out again this weekend but who knows if ill have money..prob. im a broke bitch lately....well holla at my u....xoxo....ok im out

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