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DeFiNiTioNoFpeRfEcT (luv2luvuboo) wrote,
@ 2003-10-07 11:09:00
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    Current mood: indescribable
    Current music:GO MUTHAFUCKA...AnGiE MaRtInEz

    when u get out of a relationship it feels so odd to be single...ecspecially if it was a long one...u kinda forget things and have to learn them over because all u know is what u acted like with that person...its weird a way ur like relieved that u aint in a serious thing but then when certain shit happens like u if u had certain shit u did with that person then when it comes time to do that thing again u almost dont want to unless its with that person but it wont be...or even when u c ur girl wit her man n they been together long ass time too...that shit can really hurt sometimes...they say that girls get more attached than guys do...i think its harder for a girl to let go...than to get attached...i think u juss gotta keep urself real busy and surround yaself wit peoples who make u happy with no drama and try dam fuc*in hard not to think about whats his/her name...LOL...i think the one good thing about the relationship i just got out of is that we didnt have any mutual friends it was either my friends or his...this way when i chill wit my girls or whoever i aint gotta worry about seein him...but the fact that we live all close n shit...makes it balance out...i juss think about all the bad shit hes done to me and there is more bad shit than good...if i really thought about it....that helps to make myself relize im better than that and i can do better than that....and really i wish him luck cuz hes gonna need it to find a dum braud who will put up with his drama and bullshit...i kept thinkin he would change...every time he said sorry(which wasnt hardly ever) i believed him and forgave and forgot...everytime he said he wasnt cheatin i believed him....and every time he said i love you i believed him...LoL i guess i was a dum braud for a while then too...its ok tho cuz im outta of it...and everything is slowly but surely gettin back on the track the way i wanted shit to be going for a while now....i just couldnt let go...

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