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KATELYN (luv2bekatelyn23) wrote,
@ 2004-01-18 19:15:00
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    Current mood: stressed

    work! work! work!
    So today i wake up at like 4 because Cleo. my doggie sleps in my bed with me and she takes up way too much room and tries to nudge me off the bed! She always has to slepp right next to the heater too! So not only am i on the edge on my bed but i am anyways.. i was up till like 9:30 and then went back upstairs to sleep more since cleo was downstairs. The freakin dog has her own warm, comfy bed that i got her for christmas and she sleeps on it during the day but needs in my bed all freakin night! anyways... i woke up at like 11 and then my parents were all like your coming over to paint the house in williamsport! Its really retarded that they buy all these very shitty 2-sided houses to fix up and rent out. Then I always have to help work on them, im all like WTF?? im not the one who bought it... right? RIGHT! so i worked over there for a whole freakin 3 or 4 hours! geeze.. my rents are such slave drivers.. ugh! Then my momie and i went to wegmans and i was all like embarassed cuz i was a mess! my hair was bad and i was in paint-covered clothes! HEHE i hid from some people that i saw that i knew! my mom was like what the heck katelyn?!?! hehe.. then we went to Taco Bell YAY and i got a cheesy bean and rice burrito! YUMMY! They rock and theyre cheap! yay! well then i came home and argued with my cory for a while but now were better than ever! We didnt really argue we juss like talked about things, but my tempor is bad and i have no patience whatsoever!

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