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Wicked Lincoln (lush635) wrote,
@ 2004-04-17 18:18:00
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    Current mood: energetic
    Current music:The Velvet Underground - Heroin

    Free movie tickets are the shit. Especially when you're planning to watch a kick ass movie. John and I got free movie passes again from Albertson's which we can use for whatever movie we want to watch. That's why we saved it for Kill Bill Vol. 2. And I think it's safe to say that it was an, eye popping experience. I certainly . . uh . . didn't see that coming(?) hahaha!

    Okay. I'll stop.

    Even though the sequel wasn't as gory as the first movie, it was still a brilliant movie. It explained everything well and in good form, the dialogue didn't drag itself around the whole movie and the fight scenes were awesome. I had a feeling that she knew how to do to that 5 palm point exploding heart technique. Okay, maybe some of you haven't seen the flick yet, so I'm not gonna speak of it any more. But if you haven't watched it yet, I suggest you do. And if you haven't even watched the first one then you're missing out on a whole lot of chick fights.

    Go Go Yubari is still the shit tho. She fucken rocked that ball and chain like nothing! I guess the reason why she was so damn hot is cos her cute little school girl outfit. I guess it just made her look too innocent to know how to do that kind of shit.
    Another movie she was in was Battle Royale. Now THAT movie was fucken crazy. There aren't any subtitles unless you get the DVD. It's about a bunch of kids that are brought to an island only to kill each other. These kids woke up with these things around their necks that were actually bombs. So, if you were to try to escape the island, the bomb would explode because you've gone out of range. So, the only way to survive was to kill each other even if they didn't want to. And it doesn't matter if you and your friend hid from everyone else, at the end, if there were more than one person breathing, then the neck bombs would explode. It's a pretty clever movie. A little cheesy, but clever nonetheless. Oh and the thing was that all the students got survival packs. Each contained food, water and a certain weapon that differed with each and every bag. That means that someone could have got a bag with a butter knife in it BUT someone else could have got a bag with an axe in it. So, if you got the bag with the pot cover then you're just shit out of luck unless you learn to kill with your bare hands. Watch this movie if you're into the Nihonjin.

    But don't watch Battle Royale 2. It sucked ass. The director from the first movie passed away so his son decided to continue on with the whole sequel but I guess the son was just too into the U.S. military so he actually used the whole army thing in the movie. Trust me, it's not as great as the first one. But .. you can watch it if you want. なんでもないよ。

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