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I'm just a singer, you're the world (lunasueno) wrote,
@ 2006-08-25 00:33:00
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    Current mood: disappointed

    Lead On
    I wrote this song two years ago for no reason at all really. I didn't know where it came from, but my mom liked it so I worked on it and remembered it. Right now it's 12:34 AM and the only thing I've found comfort in tonight are the words I wrote years ago when I just didn't know. Now I do. I know why I wrote them and what they mean to me, although I would rather be ignorant at this point than feel the way I do.

    Lead On

    Can you uncry your tears?
    Can you ignore your darkest fears?
    Can you dim the light of the sun?
    Can you go insane and still have fun?

    Can you stop the rain that pours in your head?
    Can you stop the pain, can you unspeak what has been said?

    Oh come light of hope and lead on, lead on
    Oh Lord, guide again and keep leading on, lead on.

    You can't make him love you back,
    Or wish this perfect daydream into a fact.
    You can't pretend you never met,
    But sometimes, isn't it nice to forget?

    You can't rewrite all the books so that all knowlege will satisfy you.
    Maybe you need something, something more than yourself to get you through.

    The sun will shine the wind will blow
    The old move on the child grows
    Where do we go? No one knows.
    I know I'm right though it seems wrong,
    There's pain in life, but joy in song.
    We have time, but don't wait to long.

    Oh come light of hope and lead on, lead on.
    Oh Lord guide again and keep leading on, lead on.

    I could have loved him, but I'll never know. I thought I could help him, but apparently I wasn't the one. There is absolutely nothing I can do about it now either except get on with my life. Today is my last day at home and I'm finally okay with that. God has good things in store for me, I know that with all my heart and I'm still sticking to it- I believe and that is the most important thing to me. Adam disappointed me, but I can take it, and I know one day soon, I'll just be doing my thing at college, and I'll look in the mirror and realize that I'm smiling again. That's how it happens. That's the difference between 18 and 16, I know how these things work.

    Never thought that I would be the type of girl to have a summer fling....I have to say though, it was one amazing summer.

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