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I'm just a singer, you're the world (lunasueno) wrote,
@ 2006-07-23 11:12:00
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    Current mood: lazy

    Euro Trip 2006! (Like omg, I'm soo cool!)
    I go away for 3 weeks and yes, my room is a little different, this place seems a little smaller, but the most horrifying change of them all is that my dad has a myspace. Whatever! I dont even have a myspace! This is very embarassing, I wish I was still back in Europe...

    Right, well, I'll just get to it, I have to write about this trip before I forget it, or start blocking it out, or get sick of talking about it because it was amaaazing!

    It all started off on June 30th when I had to go to Albright college for three days of stupid practicing, and yes, I am a music major but even I could not stand three entire days of nothing but practicing. Maybe it would be different if I actually played songs in the band, but no, I only got to play 4 out of like a millon. But thats okay, Ryan was sooo much better than me of course...Ryan was one of the boys in the pit who, I will confess, was pretty awesome, but had a major ego so when he hit a few wrong notes at a concert, Molly and I really just could not keep from cracking up. It was a little rude I guess, he only made like 4 mistakes the whole time and each time he did we laughed in his face.

    Oh well, thats one story for you..hmm right, so Albright had these really cool meal cards that were encased in this plastic holder. Now the question was frequently asked, "how does one remove the card from the plastic holder?" Once this question was asked, the perplexed and hungry student was promptly answered by Casey's sister, "Don't worry, all you got to do is pop and slide!" This statement provoked many laughs, dirty thoughts and even a musical number. So, whenever you're so hungry that it hurts like a witch w/ a B, just think "pop, pop, pop and slide"

    I guess I should talk about the actual Europe part of the Europe trip haha, geez, well, it started off with an arousing 8 hour plane ride from Maryland, to Iceland, to France. Iceland was kinda disappointing, it was neither green nor did it have ice which makes it just land. And it was raining. Go figure.

    France on the other hand was exhilarating (if you haven’t noticed, im trying to switch up the adjectives, I may not mean what I'm saying but at least there is no lack of variety). The cows there are all solid colors, yeah weird, I know. But, aside from the cows which is obviously what everyone wants to hear about, France also had some refreshing little towns with tiny little roads that you could just get lost down all day. And we did get lost on them. And then we were late so we got put on the disciplinary list on the first day. So much for enjoying the quaint little streets. That was in Caen which was also the place where there were riots in the streets over the World Cup match. That was really cool because we were in France at the same time when the French were playing against Italy and then lost. They were sooo into it, we were in our hotel room one night and we could hear people in a building really far down the street screaming at the tv. It was awesome.

    The Eiffel tower was Spectacular Spectacular! (A little Moulin Rouge plug there since we're in Paris). You have to understand first that Molly, Kerry, Erin and I were always the last ones to get anything in this group of 200 kids. No lie, dead last. So, we decided that instead of waiting for the last elevator, we were going to walk to the top of the tower. And so we did, and it was so much cooler that way. Honestly, I just felt like I was in a movie standing on the Eiffel tower in Paris, watching the sun set, it was really just so surreal! Then we walked down and hung out on this huge grassy park area thing under the tower with hundreds of drunk Parisians. Now that was interesting.

    I loved the Notre Dame too, you walk in there and its just mind-baffling to think that people made something that large and that beautiful over centuries of hard work. Today we all suffer from such ridiculous ADD that we can't work on something for more than 10 minutes, but that building is a real testament of love for God. When I was sitting in there I said a special prayer and for some reason I just felt that it was a good time to say it because how much closer can you get to God than when your sitting in the Notre Dame?

    Germany was wundervoll! The cows there were not so terrific (no, I'm just kidding, I dont even know and I'm going to stop talking about the cows). The best thing about Germany I would have to say were the beds. It's like taking a nap on a cloud, no lie, it's down-feather heaven there. The only sleep that I ever had that was that deep and good that I can compare it to was when I was knocked out in the hospital so I could get tests done. Now that's saying a lot. Dinklesbul was one of my favs, it was this cute medieval walled town with a moat and trumpet boys and everything. On our free day we all (and by "we all" I mean Kerry erin molly and I) just walked around the outside of the wall in the woods and found some really weird places but it was just so fun and relaxing for the most part. It's just a happy place there.

    Um, Austria was probably my favorite country as a whole except for the fact that the cows there are dangerous...(okay, I mean it, I'm stopping). The Alps really are breathtaking and that is the only appropriate adjective for that, I wasnt even kidding. You just cant describe how beautiful and clean everything feels there. And I also enjoyed the dancing Austrian boys w/ their short shorts, ow ow!! But I didnt not enjoy the half naked Austrian boys who wanted to go swimming w/ Molly and I. And thats all I have to say about the Austrian boys. Yeah, Molly and I had a great day there going on our 4 hour nature hike that we created. Haha, it was so fun, we chilled and played in a creek…we so should have been born boys.

    So there’s more, but this is probably getting a little boring. Really, the best thing about Europe was that I learned so much about myself that I would have never discovered if I didn’t go. I’m so much more patient because all we did was wait, and wait, and wait some more. I’m also A LOT less uptight, “Oh, you lost my luggage? Alright, that’s good, now I don’t have to carry it..” “You think this might be the road that maybe eventually leads to where we’re going? Ok, whatever.” Trust me, it was really good for me. Not to mention I’m way more tolerant of annoying people. Dude, if you want to kick my chair for 3 hours, so be it, I’m immune to annoyance now. What I cannot get over is that the people who kicked my chair for three hours who I thought were making out the whole time were in fact just really touchy-feeling cousins. Yes, that’s right, cousins! With the same last name! Disgusting! Do you see why we made only a few friends? Well, I also learned a lot more about my friends too. Those three girls in particular just make my life. Molly and I discovered that even three weeks of spending every minute together is not enough for us to get sick of each other. I really hope that Kerry realized that no matter what happens, I’m always here for her and that there’s nothing that she or I could do that would make me want to stop being her friend. It’s just like that, I’m stuck and I’m happy about it. And Erin and I reached new levels of bonding. She’s picked up on my discreet way of placing reading materials in specific areas…yeah, because we’re sneaky like that.

    But there is a downfall…I miss Adam… a lot. Geez, it’s so stupid that I spent a lot of that trip talking nonstop about that boy but, I haven’t seen him in a month! He comes home Friday yet it’s like I’m a five year old waiting for Christmas. And I never act like this about guys, but incase you haven’t noticed, this is different. I actually really like him and I’m not afraid to say it for once.

    So over all, it was a superlative, gorgeous and life altering occurrence! In other words, I had a good time and Europe is awesome and you all should go! Now! Go!

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