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Cleopatra (lunacy_fringe) wrote,
@ 2005-07-18 20:25:00
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    Current mood:tired, sad, and stressed...
    Current music:jimmy eat world ~ pain

    work work work
    well lets see how am i? tired, stressed and upset. tired from working all the time, stressed from my crazy family drama, and upset because of what :you: did to me. :you: being a certain someone.

    he called me today......i really do not want to talk to him at all. but i don't want to be mean. so i did my best in not being mean, but letting him know i was upset, and getting off the phone with him as soon as possible. what fucking crap. he doesn't even tell me that he has done stuff with her, just the things that he's done leaving her name out. so fucking pissed i am. i did realize today though...that i don't really like :you: anymore, just the fact that :you: mislead me so, and now dont tell me the truth is what hurts me, and makes it so i don't want to talk to :you:.

    thank you to all of you who have let me talk about it with you and helped me in feeling better.

    cole, you'd better call me this week, cuz i really want to go do something with you.

    well the one good thing, ive been working like crazy, so i am starting to save up some cash. i want to buy a skateboard, cuz my brother sold mine. i would love to start skating again. and then ofcourse i am saving up to pitch in on buying my car.

    im working tomorrow night as well.

    "i don't feel the way i ever felt"

    peace. love.

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