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Ludwig Van Rizik (ludwigvanrizik) wrote,
@ 2004-01-26 13:51:00
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    Current mood: drunk
    Current music:Mr.chevy celebrity - less than jake

    Saturday,,,,, at least i think it was????
    Gee,,,, saturday tought me a big lesson, well at least thats what ross told me it did. I started out the day by spending 5 hours with brett and big boy, that means i was on a camel lights binge. ross then picked me up and we headed off to the local to see chico and ian tear up the stage. i didnt know mexicans played drums??? i thought it was all acostic guitars. anyways ian, i, and a few other took a shot out in the parking lot in celebration of the first show. ross, teddy bryan, and i then headed off to karly coke's party, which was fun especially ause i took 6 shots there. but i ended up getting kicked out cause there was a mix up and someone thought karly didnt know me, but i was opn my way out anyways. so ross and i went to a strip bar, where i got kicked out again. then we cruised around going from liquir store to liquir sotre trying to buy alcohol as a joke, we didnt really want any, but it was fun. then we went back to the local and created a rocus. then we went to a kegger where i took,,,,,,,,,,, i forgot how many shots but you get were im going. ross reported to me that i drank an entire fifth of jack that night and about 4 beers and about 4 shots of mohawk. my lesson is never to drink liquir again, just scotch. hmmmm just call me mike cruce

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